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supporting internal communication in organisations

Effective internal communication has an impact on employee commitment, motivation to work, identification with the organisation and loyalty.

At Droptica, we build IT systems that support effective internal communication. Check out how we can help your company.

Advantages for CEO, CTO, HR

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You want to:

  • have an impact on employee commitment,
  • motivate the team to work,
  • increase identification with the company,
  • effectively manage internal communication.
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Intranet system offers measurable advantages:

  • it reduces the time needed in the message management process,
  • it organises the knowledge of the company,
  • it is a platform for the exchange of information,
  • it supports the logistic processes within HR.

Case study

Dialogownia website preview

Intranet for the Telefonia DIALOG S.A. company

A modern intranet system for a company employing over 1,000 people. The project aimed to increase the employees' involvement in the company's life through new features and appearance of the intranet website.

Typical tasks of intranet systems

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Informing on the situation within the company

Even when you have just several employees, it turns out that not everyone knows what they should know about a certain situation within the company. An intranet system is an ideal place to communicate messages about plans, changes in the team, new clients, and projects.

When building an intranet, Droptica begins with an internal system for presenting the news. It can be a simple publication solution containing the title and the content, but it can also be enriched with graphics, commenting options, likes and access restriction, e.g. depending on the department within the company. 

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Building employee commitment

In addition to providing information, the intranet often plays the role of a commitment-building system. By receiving the current information on events within the company (relating to both business and integration), employees can more easily feel as being a part of a large living organisation and see their impact on it. The intranet allows them to see what is happening in other departments with which they do not have contact on a daily basis, as well as how everyone works together for the success of the company.

Knowledge database

An intranet system is a great place to store various types of information about the company. 


General information about the company

Invoice data, branch addresses, suppliers, etc. This is the information that employees of any company often ask about. It is good to keep it in one place that is accessible to everyone and convenient to update.


List of employees

Sometimes it happens that you do not know who works with whom in a given department, or at what phone number are they available.

This type of information can be easily kept within the intranet.



Employees often ask about the same things. It is good to write down the repeated questions within the intranet. Everyone has easy access to the answers then.

It also helps the new employees to get used to the rules in force within the organisation faster. 

Work information

Working time records

An intranet system can be a place where employees will enter the information at the start and end of their work. 

You can easily generate attendance lists or various reports using this information.



You can also transfer the submission of leave requests into the intranet. This allows easy communication of who currently has time off within the teams and to better plan the leaves throughout the company. 



In the companies whose operations are project-based, you can also keep within the intranet the information on who is working on which project and in what period of time. 

This allows for better resource planning. On the other hand, the employees will be able to find the information about whom to contact regarding a given project more easily.

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Equipment record system

A list of equipment assigned to a given employee is a very convenient function in intranet systems. It allows you to keep tabs on who has what and for how long, if the equipment needs to be replaced, etc. 

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Praise for the team

The ability to give praise to colleagues is a common feature with intranet systems. This is one of the ways to motivate the team and appreciate their work.

In an intranet, you can maintain a list of praises, as well as rankings and summaries. This is a great way to see which team members deserve awards (e.g. if your company offers awards for the most committed employees of the year).

Integrations with external systems

An intranet system does not have to be autonomous. It can be integrated with other systems used within the organisation.

Integration examples:

LDAP/Active Directory

A common requirement is an integration with an existing LDAP system. At Droptica we have done such integrations many times, we know how to manage it efficiently. 

Ticket systems

The intranet can be connected to a ticket system (e.g. Jira, Redmine, Trello, etc.). In this way, you can present the employees with their assigned tasks on the intranet. 


You can integrate the intranet with any other system enabling communication via API (REST / JSON, XML, SOAP, etc.), e.g. with ERP, CRM systems, marketing systems and others. 


We create intranet systems on the basis of the Drupal system. system. It is an Open Source system written in PHP. The system uses the Symfony framework components.
Drupal is perfectly suited for intranet systems. It is very flexible and allows you to create a system in stages. It is also easy to integrate with the company's existing systems.

Droptica is the largest team of Drupal specialists in Poland. By choosing us, you choose an experienced team.


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