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They trusted us

Projects on drupal.org that we developed and support

Downloads: 16 113
Installations: 3 552
Downloads: 1 276
Installations: 49
Downloads: 1 265
Installations: 0
Downloads: 934
Installations: 59
Downloads: 608
Installations: 2

What we do

Responsive web design

SASS, Zen (Zengrids), Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation, Omega Theme and other.

Custom modules development.

Custom entities, custom fields (Field API), custom database tables and integration with Views module.

Migrations to Drupal

Migrations from other systems to Drupal, migration from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.


Active Directory (LDAP), REST/JSON, XML RPC.


Custom CRM systems based on RedHen CRM.

Drupal Commerce

Multi domains, multi currency installation, advanced product attributes, advanced search (Apache Solr, Elastic Search)