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Drupal commerce is a versatile e-commerce system

Drupal commerce is a robust platform, great for building custom e-commerce applications. It can be leveraged to offer superb experiences tailored to custom business requirements. Drupal commerce module’s flexibility enables competitive advantage and can offer more possibilities than a typical e-commerce package. Whether you are building a more typical online store, or want to sell digital goods like downloadables, memberships or subscriptions, utilising Drupal commerce comes with many benefits.

WAM website preview

WAM uses Drupal Commerce

WAM Publishing house uses Drupal Commerce to sell a vast variety of publications and books. We helped the WAM team integrate Drupal commerce with their back-office systems. We also vastly improved their conversion rates on mobile.

Consider all aspects of your Drupal commerce project

Building a regular website these days can get difficult, launching and managing an e-commerce project is requires a wholly different level of planning. When user data is involved and money, errors can be very costly.

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Full project lifecycle

Building an enterprise-grade Drupal commerce website might be challenging. Architecture,  project management and quality assurance are key to delivering a robust, bug-free online store. Launching the first version however, is just the beginning. Maintenance processes have to be planned correctly to ensure security and lack of disruption and quality of concurrent releases.

In Droptica we architect, deliver and maintain full Drupal Commerce projects. Our experts can help architect and build even very complicated commerce infrastructures. Our solid project management and development processes ensure that your drupal commerce project is delivered at top quality and on time.

Drupal commerce

Drupal commerce payments & PCI compliance

Collecting payments is an important part of each e-commerce platform. Choosing the right payment gateways and offering payment methods tailored to your offering and audience may play a critical role in your success. Security of payments is also paramount. 

We have vast experience in integrating various payment gateways such as Paypal, Authorize.net, Braintree, SagePay, Worldpay and many more. We ensure that the solutions are PCI compliant and secure.

We can help with Drupal commerce payments

Recurring payments

Creating a recurring payment framework requires some consideration. Not all payment gateways support it out of the box. Management of expired credit cards and lack of funds of customer accounts and the time of billing has to be incorporated into the solution. 

Pre-payments and payments in instalments

Do you have to collect partial payments and then receive the remainder when the work is done or product delivered? Perhaps you want to offer payments in several instalments for expensive items? We can help introduce each of these.

Pricing rules

Buy-one-get-one-free schemes, bulk discounts, total order discounts. Pricing rules can be used to increase the total order value and cross-sell products. 

Price components

 If the price of the item is not fixed but multiple additions/changes to the product can be made, pricing components are a handy way to manage this.

Promo codes

Promo codes are probably the most common way of obtaining new customers and keeping sales up outside of the season. In Drupal Commerce, you can use various approaches to promo codes, which can be a lump sum, percentage-based, re-usable or not.

Drupal Commerce theme development

Correct product presentation is often key in purchasing decisions. Apart from the product page, e-commerce websites need many screens (cart, checkout etc) to provide a full experience. It is important for the whole buying journey to be easy to go through on any device. 

The right partner can deliver a hight, maintainable Drupal theme, which will work across devices and will allow you to sell successfully. We develop new, responsive Drupal commerce themes. 

ESN Website

Drupal commerce product search

Many stores require a powerful search to let users find exactly what they are looking for, among many other products. We can build incredibly powerful searches with filters and facets. 

The searches can be also manually tweaked and enhanced based on actual user queries. 

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Drupal commerce is an extension of Drupal CMS

Drupal is a very powerful CMS used by small and large businesses to build websites and applications. Choosing Drupal Commerce as the base of your e-commerce solution, you immediately receive the most powerful CMS with all its features.
If you already use Drupal and want to add e-commerce elements to it, Drupal commerce will be a natural choice and it will be a good choice.

Choosing the right partner to build on Drupal is an important factor in the success of your projects. 

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Tablein website

TableIn - SAAS on Drupal Commerce

TableIn.com uses Drupal commerce to collect payments for their service - a system for booking tables in restaurants.

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