Drupal Commerce Development Services

Develop your online store with Drupal Commerce. With our help, it will provide your customers with a seamless and satisfying ecommerce experience.

Drupal Commerce is a robust platform, great for building custom ecommerce applications tailored to specific business requirements. The flexibility of Drupal Commerce modules enables competitive advantage and can offer more possibilities than a regular ecommerce package. Whether you’re building a typical online store or want to sell digital goods like downloadables, subscriptions, or memberships, Drupal Commerce is a great choice.

Our Drupal Commerce services

Using our years of experience in developing and maintaining ecommerce solutions, we can help your online business attract more customers. What exactly can we do for you?

Specialists at Droptica build stores on Drupal Commerce from scratch and maintain existing ones.

Drupal Commerce support and full projects

We can create your ecommerce website from scratch, starting with gathering your needs and matching them with the right features of Drupal Commerce. Then we plan the architecture of your solution and suggest the best hosting options that we can later manage. In the main project phase, we develop and deliver a modern, solid, and bug-free online store. We can later maintain it to ensure its constant security and lack of disruption.

If you have an existing Drupal Commerce project, we can help you with its further development by adding new features, fixing bugs, performing security updates, and providing ongoing support.

Products display and search

We’ll provide the effectiveness of your ecommerce website through clear and attractive product pages. They can include photo galleries, product overviews, detailed descriptions, customization possibilities, payment options, reviews, and similar and related product suggestions. If you have a complex offer or sales process, we can design and develop a product catalog that contains product specifications, videos, and relevant content. To enable your customers to easily find needed solutions, we’ll implement categories and advanced product search with filters and facets. 

Exide is a website where we've implemented many functionalities, such as a dealer search engine.

The Drupal Commerce theme lets maintain a consistent look on the website and keep it responsive

Drupal Commerce themes

The right product presentation is often key in purchasing decisions. Apart from the product pages, ecommerce websites need many screens (cart, checkout, etc.) to provide a full experience. We can deliver a high-quality, maintainable, and responsive Drupal theme, which will work across devices. Our UX/UI designers will also take care of the intuitiveness, usability, and unique look of your ecommerce website to help you attract more potential customers and increase sales. 

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Buying process functionalities

To increase the total order value and cross-sell products, we can implement pricing rules like buy-one-get-one-free schemes, bulk discounts, total order discounts, and different prices for various users. If the product price isn’t fixed but depends on the selected items and configuration, we’ll add Drupal Commerce pricing components that are a handy way to manage this.

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Drupal Commerce payment methods

We have vast experience in integrating various payment gateways such as PayPal, Authorize.net, Braintree, Opayo (formerly SagePay), Worldpay, and many more. We ensure that the solutions are PCI compliant and secure. We can also help you choose a gateway that supports recurring payments. We check if a particular solution manages expired credit cards and lack of funds on customer accounts and the time of billing.

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Drupal Commerce shipping methods

Using the Commerce Shipment module, we can implement the functionality for adding different shipping methods. With a help of modules like Commerce UPS, we can integrate your store with a particular delivery option. Other Drupal modules let us define flat rate for a particular shipping method, or calculate the shipping cost based on product weight, dimensions, and destination address.

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Drupal Commerce integrations

We can integrate your ecommerce website with the third-party tools you need. It can be the Product Information Management (PIM) system that allows for managing product data across your different sales channels from one place. We can also do integration with an email marketing platform, e.g. Mailchimp, or a tool for tracking conversion on your website, e.g. Google Analytics.

Drupal Commerce - examples of our projects

The WAM bookstore is an example of using Drupal Commerce as the basis for a functional online store.

WAM - online bookstore on Drupal Commerce

The WAM Publishing House uses Drupal Commerce to sell various traditional books, ebooks, and audiobooks. Besides adding technical improvements, we integrated the shop with the new shipping method and the Freshmail email marketing platform.

TableIn as a table reservation platform is an example of a non-standard use of Drupal Commerce.

TableIn - SAAS on Drupal Commerce

TableIn.com uses Drupal Commerce to collect payments for access to its service -  a system for booking tables in restaurants. Apart from performing the technical optimization, we added the integration with PayPal Express Checkout and new subscription plans.

Droopler Commerce

How about a pre-set Drupal Commerce store? Using our Drupal distribution - Droopler - for creating complex web pages, we developed a pre-built ecommerce website. Thanks to it, we can speed up the time of creating your solution because instead of starting your project from scratch, we can customize the pre-set website. Out of the box, it contains a product listing with filters and categories, functionalities related to the buying process, a user page with purchase history, and the ecommerce views like the shopping cart.

Droopler Commerce provides a pre-set website with product listings and shopping cart functionality

Drupal Commerce development and design tips

As the Drupal agency, we share our use cases and tips related to Drupal Commerce. Learn more about handy modules and features worth implementing on your ecommerce website.

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