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Drupal for Higher Education

Take advantage of our proven experience in creating state-of-the-art CMS for higher education. We design and build user-friendly systems that foster learning. 

Universities powering education with Drupal

Oxford University

A beacon of comprehensive learning, Oxford streamlines its diverse web presence with Drupal's robust capabilities.

Princeton University

Hosting over 500 sites, Princeton stands out for its extensive use of Drupal to serve a global scholarly community.

Stanford University

Stanford showcases Drupal's prowess in content management and site accessibility across its vast educational network.

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Top features of Drupal for university websites

Read below why Drupal is the best CMS for higher education

In conclusion, Drupal's open source nature offers organizations a powerful, flexible, and cost-effective solution for their web development needs. It's backed by a strong community, enhanced security, and the ability to innovate and scale as required.


Drupal is built on PHP and MySQL/MariaDB

PHP and MySQL/MariaDB is a powerful combination that guarantees robust and reliable performance. PHP, a widely-used open source scripting language, ensures your website is dynamic and interactive, while MySQL/MariaDB offers a stable and efficient database management system. This blend of technologies ensures that your Drupal website is not only fast and responsive but also capable of handling complex data with ease.


Drupal has multisite capability

With Drupal's multisite feature, your educational institution can manage multiple websites from a single platform. This is ideal for universities with various departments, research centers, and community initiatives, each requiring its own distinct web presence. Simplify your digital landscape while maintaining unique identities for each site.


Drupal has multilingual support

Emphasize your commitment to inclusivity and global engagement. Drupal's multilingual support allows your institution to communicate effectively with a diverse student body and faculty. Offer your content in multiple languages, making your website accessible and welcoming to international students and partners.


Drupal has comprehensive logging

Stay informed and compliant – track your user activity and system changes. Drupal's logging feature is critical to maintaining the security and integrity of your website. It aids in troubleshooting, ensures compliance with academic regulations, and provides valuable insights into user engagement and behavior.

Higher Education Website Development Planning Checklist

If you're looking for a tool to plan the scope of work to create or rebuild a higher education website, use our document now. 

The document will allow you to:
- prepare a site map,
- define the website features and assess the level of their requirements,
- determine SEO needs,
- and much more...

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Drupal is SEO friendly

Drupal for higher education stands out with its SEO modules that elevate your university website in search engine rankings. By optimizing URLs, meta tags, and content relevance, Drupal ensures your online presence is both visible and impactful.

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Drupal's SSO integration

Drupal offers seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, allowing users to access multiple applications with one login. This simplifies the user experience, enhances security, and streamlines administrative management across your university's digital landscape.

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Drupal has customizable engagement tools

With Drupal, creating and managing forms and surveys is streamlined and efficient. These tools are perfect for collecting feedback, facilitating research, and organizing university activities, enhancing interaction and administrative processes.

Our services that go hand-in-hand with CMS for higher education

At Droptica, we make sure that our clients don't have to worry about anything. When working on CMS for higher education, we also offer several related services to increase the project’s efficiency.

Discovery workshop

We help define the right shape for the project even before programming begins. In a discovery workshop, we can work together to plan the information architecture and design the system mockups. You can also count on us to recommend the right technology.


With us, you don't have to worry about hosting your website. We provide a robust and secure infrastructure, a completely hands-free solution, and multiple hosting options to choose from, such as AWS and cloud servers. We install and configure it all for you.

Support 24/7

We provide a twenty-four-hour support service for your CMS. We guarantee that your website will work without interruption. If there are any errors, our programmers will fix them immediately. You won't even notice that something doesn’t work properly.

Institute of Mathematics - case study

The Institute of Mathematics at the University of Wroclaw is an academic department that provides several educational programs and conducts various research projects and seminars in the field of mathematics. This institution also promotes interest in science among the general audience. That's why they needed a robust, public website.

At Droptica, we've migrated the university website from a custom CMS to Drupal. Our developers successfully moved all the data and required content, and added some new features such as a search engine, different lists (e.g., of events and seminars), a news section, and more. 

Why Droptica? A perfect fit for higher education institutions

Discover the Droptica advantages in digital transformation.

Proven expertise in technology

Mastery in web development: Droptica, renowned for its deep understanding of web technologies, ensures that every project reflects the highest standards of quality. This expertise is crucial for educational institutions looking to build robust, scalable, and innovative digital platforms​​.

Top Drupal agency

Excellence in Drupal solutions: As one of the best Drupal agencies globally, Droptica specializes in delivering exceptional solutions based on Drupal. For higher education, this means access to top-notch expertise in creating custom, feature-rich websites and applications for the academic sector​​.

Long-term client relationships

Building trust and understanding: Droptica values long-term partnerships, which translates into a deep understanding of clients' needs and a commitment to their success. This approach is particularly beneficial for educational institutions seeking a reliable digital partner to support their requirements​.

Certified team with diverse skills

A blend of talent and certification: Boasting over 30 certifications, the Droptica team's expertise is not just declared, but proven. Our skilled professionals are well-equipped to handle the diverse and complex challenges faced by the higher education sector​​.

Complete development services

From planning to launch: Droptica provides a full range of services, from planning, prototyping, and implementation to continuous improvement. This comprehensive approach ensures that educational institutions receive tailored solutions that align with their strategic goals​​​​.

Cost and time efficiency

Optimizing resources: With solutions that focus on reducing costs and time to market while improving quality, Droptica aligns with the budgetary and operational efficiencies crucial for educational institutions.

Explore our blog posts about higher education

Check out our articles with examples of the best university websites, essential features in CMS systems for higher education, and other handy tools and tips. 

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Choose Droptica and Drupal for higher education!

Droptica stands out as an ideal partner for higher education institutions. With our proven expertise in Drupal and web technologies, commitment to long-term client relationships, certified team, comprehensive service offerings, and focus on cost and time efficiency, our Drupal agency is well-positioned to meet the unique demands of the academic sector.