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28.01.2020DrupalBusiness & PM
Slack is an indispensable instant messenger, and we simply cannot even imagine working without it on a daily basis. Here are eight reasons why you should use it while implementing your Drupal-based projects.
Maciej Łukiański
Business & PMDrupalDroopler
Deciding on a CMS these days is not a simple task. There are many things to take into account and lot at stake.
Agata Leszczyńska
So, you already have a Drupal-based website. Great! What now? Well, you should definitely start promoting it! Some claim that nothing is ever lost on the internet; however, it won’t hurt to help your potential customers find your website using some SEO tricks. What should you do to get your website to come out of the depths of Google search results right to the first page?
Maciej Łukiański
DrupalBusiness & PM
A/B testing is around for a long time, yet a surprisingly small amount of companies do it. People will spend days deciding on what the main front page banner should say, but when they do decide, they never bother to check whether they were right. We say test it! We do and we get great results. 
Grzegorz Pietrzak
Drupal is readily used by numerous large, international enterprises, including Nokia, Timex, Pfizer, and Cisco. What do all these brands have in common? All of them need stable websites that respond to rapidly changing trends while ensuring security and enabling editorial teams to work quickly and efficiently.
Grzegorz Pietrzak
In a year or so, the stable release of Drupal 9 will finally be made available to everyone. The previous release – Drupal 8 – was published in 2015 and it caused a lot of controversy among its users, mainly due to the complicated update path resulting from the rather significant differences compared to Drupal 7. All of this led to a schism of sorts, with Drupal 7 supporters going with a separate project named Backdrop.
Grzegorz Bartman
What’s the matter? To date, Droptica has organised two kinds of events for people working with Drupal: DrupalCamp and DrupalDay. September this year will be marked with a new kind of event – an Unconference.
Piotr Miarka
Besides social media, the website remains the main marketing tool for a vast majority of companies, which is why it is paramount to constantly develop and adapt it to the business goals you want to achieve. A company website should be an effective tool, used to reinforce business activities, and its development should go hand in hand with business development.
Piotr Miarka
Recently, we celebrated the first anniversary of Droopler, our Drupal distribution. This presents a perfect opportunity to look at our project from the standpoint of design and user experience, as well as our main principles that guide us in the development of this project.
Paweł Górski
Workflows and Content Moderation – both modules presented in this article are add-ons that extend Drupal’s capabilities in the area of content management, revisions and adding custom statuses. 

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