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Running a software development company is a real challenge. Droptica has been working in the online services market for over five years. What is our recipe for success?

How to work effectively with the clients in remote time zones? How to build complex products when market requirements keep changing dynamically? How to choose a system that will support the planned activities?
At Droptica, we face these challenges every day.

We have developed a model that allows us to maximise the effects of our work.
We adapt many elements of the project implementation method, communication standards and task execution to the client’s requirements. For our clients, it means better control over the cost and progress of the project, while we benefit from efficient team management.

The experience we have gained allows us to constantly improve our work, and the services we provide bring real benefits for our clients.
Check out how Droptica manages its projects in order to make them operational, free of errors and cost-effective.
25.02.2020Business & PMDrupal
Are you planning to expand your large organisation's website? Or maybe you want to create a corporate website from scratch and are looking for ideas? Using the examples of medical companies from the S&P500 list, I will present some of the Drupal-based websites that can provide some inspiration for this purpose. Why not model yourself after the best?
Maciej Łukiański
Business & PM
Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) are software solutions which aim to assist companies in optimising their client’s digital experiences consistently across every phase of the lifecycle and every communication channel. This sounds a bit complicated so let us discuss in detail what DXP platforms are and why modern companies need them.
Maciej Łukiański
Business & PMDesign
Corporate websites are more and more important to the businesses. Yet, so many of the websites of large corporations fail to deliver any value. A quick glance at the websites of the Footsie 100 or SP 500 companies reveals glaring problems easy to spot by even an untrained eye. Why do these problems still persist? Let’s explore.
28.01.2020DrupalBusiness & PM
Slack is an indispensable instant messenger, and we simply cannot even imagine working without it on a daily basis. Here are eight reasons why you should use it while implementing your Drupal-based projects.
Maciej Łukiański
Business & PMDrupalDroopler
Deciding on a CMS these days is not a simple task. There are many things to take into account and lot at stake.
Droptica Team
CompanyBusiness & PM
Three hundred and sixty-five days. Six lectures in London, five conferences, four DrupalDays and a DrupalCamp, a new office in Gdańsk, a new location in Toruń, 12 new employees. Take a look and see what 2019 was like at Droptica. 
Maciej Łukiański
DrupalBusiness & PM
A/B testing is around for a long time, yet a surprisingly small amount of companies do it. People will spend days deciding on what the main front page banner should say, but when they do decide, they never bother to check whether they were right. At our Drupal agency, we say test it! We do and we get great results. 
Piotr Miarka
ScrumBusiness & PM
The SCRUM project management framework is very popular in the IT industry.  At our Drupal development agency, we decided to implement SCRUM as a basic tool for working with our clients a while ago. In this article, you can read more about the ins and outs of such an approach, as well as about how it benefits both parties.
Maciej Łukiański
Business & PM
Corporate websites are really complex. It takes a lot of time and effort every time they need to be rebuild. Sometimes it may feel like the website as soon as it is finished, could be re-build again. Let’s look at why this happens and what to do about it.
Maciej Łukiański
Business & PM
Depending on the company, there may be fewer or more stakeholders interested in the new corporate website you are building. I would recommend spending time mapping all of them out and involving each stakeholder at least to some extent in the process of planning out the new website.

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