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How to build complex products while market requirements are dynamically changing? What to look at while choosing the CMS platform?

In this category, you’ll find the answers to the questions about building and managing a professional website. You’ll learn why it is worth using the open source technology, and what you’ll gain from the website prototype.

Moreover, you’ll find information about writing a brief for a web development agency and see the inspiring examples of Drupal websites.

Well-chosen tools and processes in a web development company are one of the main factors affecting customer satisfaction. Without taking care of this aspect, projects are often delayed, quality is not maintained, and clients aren’t satisfied. See how, based on more than a decade of experience at Droptica, we’ve selected tools to help build web apps and websites. In this blog post, you’ll find a ready-made list of solutions to implement right away in your company.

The market for digital products is changing. It's getting harder and harder to break through with something new as a startup or build a system for internal use within an organization that is better than off-the-shelf SaaS solutions. The key to success is to be efficient in your planning to build an IT product. One indispensable practice during the idea phase of a project is Proof of Concept.

Mentions about your brand online can tell you a lot about your customers' opinions. You can find out how the clients talk about your services and products on social media and forums. There are many interesting tools on the market to monitor the company's online image. It's worth choosing the platform that best suits your needs. Here is a compilation of seven professional tools that you may find interesting.

The work of an editor or publisher isn't easy – it's a constant pursuit of materials that'll gain popularity among readers, working with the written word... and the people employed in the editorial office or publishing house. We've created a list of practical tools that'll help the people who edit and publish content in the daily performance of their duties.

In the complex world of software development, customers often find themselves at crossroads when deciding whether to work with a particular company. Understanding the nuances of the decision-making process is essential for service providers and their customers. In this blog post, we'll delve into the various obstacles to decision making and look at how Droptica, along with its sales team, is helping clients deal with these challenges. 

Do you run an insurance agency? Or want to expand your current web page and implement new solutions? In the following article, I present some examples of insurance websites that can inspire you to work on a website that should aim to increase conversions.

Team development of company publications is a good step towards guaranteeing their high quality. However, cooperation in this field should be structured in order to catch errors faster and prevent the posting of unfinished materials on the website. To this end, it’s worth using a carefully planned content creation workflow. What is it, and how to design it?

Using dynamic content on your website and in your marketing efforts will improve the user experience and achieve better conversions. You can match different variations of elements on your web page to the behavior and habits of your visitors. To do this, it’s necessary to collect and process information about their activity. Learn more about this topic from our article.

Websites can perform various functions for a business. When deciding to create a web page for a company, it’s worth considering what the purpose of its existence should be. Learn about the different kinds of websites and what tasks they will help you accomplish.

The job of an email marketer is to constantly chase ideas and stay on top of the latest trends. In this article, we’ll focus on the best newsletters created by brands in recent years and explain what makes them effective tools for promoting a company and its offerings. See our examples and get inspired.

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