DevOps and AWS Services

We offer a wide range of DevOps services and AWS infrastructure management for websites and applications. What sets us apart is our professionalism and dedication to quality. We can help you get into the cloud safely.

Today's cloud hosting solutions are spectacular. AWS or even simpler providers like Digital Ocean or Linode offer a magnificent opportunity to create reliable, scaling solutions that cost a fraction of what they used to. You can set up secure hostings, services and development environments at a really affordable pricing point.


Droptica has vast experience in DevOps and AWS hosting

We build and maintain development and production environments with various cloud providers. Our DevOps specialist set up automated systems for server management and monitoring. We take care of infrastructure when you sleep.

We are great proponents of infrastructure as code. Scripting and automating all aspects of the infrastructure removes the possibility of human error and creates robust environments that scale and last.

Experience since 2008 in concrete examples

Business happens faster than it used to, and DevOps is here to help

In the current fast-paced market, it is imperative to act quickly and show results fast. Changes to production system often have to be deployed many times per day. A traditional release cycle does not allow for that. This is where DevOps comes in. Bridging the gap between development and system administration with testing and automation DevOps allows for streamlined development as well as frequent releases. With a correct development and deployment process, you can outpace your competitors.


Empowering the developers with DevOps

Thanks to DevOps you can give more power to the development team. Creating automated, replicable and testable environments allows you to onboard developers quickly, easily propagate environment changes among the team, but most importantly push and test features to test, stage and production quickly and seamlessly. Often developers themselves can initiate new builds or environments without the help of sysadmins. We can help you streamline your environments bot on AWS and other cloud providers.


Maintenance and migration of existing systems to the AWS cloud

Do you have an AWS hosting environment which requires maintenance? Or perhaps you have a legacy infrastructure which has to be upgraded or migrated to the AWS cloud? We can help.

We have extensive experience in planning and executing migrations to the AWS cloud. Our consultants will evaluate your application and will propose the best path forward. We can plan and deliver the migration with minimal interruption to your business.

Migration to AWS cloud

Cloud changed how the business operates. Seamless access to systems from wherever you are and streamlining of processes combined with security and reliability allows companies to gain a massive competitive advantage. On-demand services and pay-as-you-go model without lengthy commitments allows to optimize server costs substantially.

If you are not yet in the AWS cloud, we can help you plan and execute the migration.

AWS Hosting & monitoring

Today's websites are no longer just static HTML. A website often plays an important role in sales, customer service and many other areas of your business. Often websites are connected to many APIs and internal as well as external systems. Custom hosting solutions are required to ensure stability, responsiveness and security. We can help with that. With many years of commercial hosting environment, we can plan, set up and manage hosting for your tailored to your specific requirements.

Automation & Testing

Agile teams and businesses use automation to streamline software development. Automatic builds and testing can ensure quality but also free your resources to focus on other tasks. Automation can reduce your lead times from weeks to hours and increase your confidence in the software by a great factor. We help our clients automate and streamline software development processes.

We can automate both your app builds and development processes, as well as your server infrastructure management.

AWS Cost optimisation

With growing systems, server costs can quickly get out of hand. Often they can be optimised by re-architecting solutions, migrations to the cloud and removing unused resources. Spikes in resource requirements can be managed with autoscaling solutions rather than keeping excess computing power. In Droptica we can evaluate and recommend the best approach to optimise your server bill.

Droptica – Drupal projects in numbers

See the figures below to see what kind of systems we developed in Drupal to date. We are involved in the development of a number of large applications. The figures below – or larger ones – are hardly an insurmountable challenge for us. We are also happy to implement smaller-scale projects in which we can share our experience gathered by building more extensive systems.

Highest traffic (page views/month)
Biggest multisite (websites)
Biggest database (GB)
Biggest files directory (GB)

Our extensive knowledge is confirmed not only by the projects and client reviews but also by the articles on our blog

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