Drupal SEO audit

Drupal SEO Audit

More than 30% of website traffic comes from Google search engine.

In the case of some industries or websites, this ratio can easily exceed 50%.

If you want to increase traffic to your website so that you can increase the number of potential customers, the website should be optimised for search engines.

Droptica specialises in Drupal SEO audits

We carried out audits and implementations of audits on many websites based on Drupal 7 and 8. We know how to carry out an audit and how to implement the proposed changes to a Drupal-based website in the shortest possible time.

At Droptica, we have a specialised team that not only deals with SEO audits, but also follows the latest trends and changes in algorithms to make our actions as effective as possible.

How SEO translates into higher revenues?

If you want to invest in SEO, it is very easy to calculate the potential return on investment. Before optimisation, it is enough to check the number of leads obtained by entering the website from search engines and compare it with the number of leads after the implementation of changes resulting from the audit.

So far, we have always observed an increase in traffic on the websites that we optimised at Droptica.

By increasing traffic from Google, you are increasing the number of potential customers. If you want your company to grow, website optimisation is essential.

SEO Audit pyramid list

Example of implementation of SEO optimisation

Wydawnictwo WAM

Wydawnictwo WAM - the biggest Catholic publishing house in Poland

One of our clients is a large publishing house – Wydawnictwo WAM. They run an on-line store based on Drupal. As part of our work for the client, we carried out a SEO audit and we implemented the changes proposed in the audit. After the implementation, the traffic from Google has increased. Consequently, more traffic translated into more sales.

What you get from us?

After ordering a Drupal SEO Audit, you receive an extensive report which contains a list of changes to be made to your website.
In many places, the report contains information on how to make changes in Drupal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A report is often a few dozen pages describing what needs to be changed in order for a page to have a higher position in Google’s search results.

We do it better than SEO agencies!

We specialise in Drupal. We have experience not only in Drupal SEO audits, but also in building websites, sometimes very extensive ones. It can be said that we know Drupal inside out.

We have already carried out numerous SEO audits and implementations on Drupal. We have the knowledge regarding carrying out an audit and quickly implementing changes to a Drupal-based website. We will offer more than just recommendations – with us, you will also get a description on quickly implementing changes in your website.

Our extensive knowledge is confirmed not only by the projects and client reviews but also by the articles on our blog


See some examples of SEO-related entries:

Example report

You can check out what an example SEO Audit report made by Droptica looks like. Just fill in the form and you will receive the report by e-mail.

What does the Drupal SEO audit entail?

Depending on the scope and structure of the website, the audit report may include from several to several dozen pages.
An audit report is an extensive list of recommendations, where you will find information on how to optimise your website, including the following elements:


  • page titles,
  • URLs,
  • headings on pages (H1 - H6),
  • internal links,
  • site map,
  • navigation on your website,
  • structure of your website,
  • paging,
  • meta tags,
  • robots.txt,
  • optimisation of graphic elements,
  • page loading times.


The above list comprises only some of all the possible changes to the website in order to optimise it for search engines. We approach each website individually, implement the most effective methods and look for as many changes as possible to increase traffic from Google.

Audit procedure

An audit comprises a number of standard steps. The procedure always starts with a quote.

A quote is always necessary because Drupal-based websites can have wildly varying scopes. Smaller websites require little work connected with the audit. With more complex websites, carrying out a proper audit requires much more time.

Then, the procedure entails the following steps:


  • Quote
  • Audit
  • Report
  • Optional implementation of the recommendation

Implementation of the SEO Audit on the website

The audit service may end with sending the final report. Droptica can also implement the recommended changes on the client's website. This is a perfect option for companies that do not have good developers who know Drupal. Droptica will also quickly and efficiently implement recommendations.

How much does a Drupal SEO Audit cost?

Each website is priced individually. Most often, the cost of a SEO audit of a small and medium-sized Drupal-based website is EUR 499. In some cases, the cost may be higher.

Ask for a SEO audit quote for your website