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Droptica Webinar: Get the Most Out of Drupal. How to Maintain, Secure, and Grow a Drupal Website?

Watch an exclusive recording of the Droptica webinar. Maciej Lukianski - CEO of Droptica - shared best practices for maintaining, supporting, and developing a Drupal website. The host talks about audits, updates, and fixes for Drupal websites, monitoring, backups and SEO checks, and new features for long-term success.

Droptica Webinar: The Future After Drupal 7. Exploring Alternatives and New Opportunities

View the on-demand webinar to learn what you can do with a Drupal 7 website when Drupal 7 is no longer supported. Explore possible paths: upgrading to newer versions of Drupal to stay current and secure, migrating to another system, using custom solutions that fit your site's unique structure, and maintaining Drupal 7 post-support.

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