Team Extension Services - Extend Your Team with Our Specialists

Extend your team with qualified and experienced professionals to scale your IT project without wasting your time on the in-house recruitment process.

When is team extension a best suit?

The team extension model is an outsourcing solution. As an IT company, we fill the gap in your team with our multi-talented professionals. When will this staff augmentation service be the most helpful to you?

If you:

  • want to get trustworthy software experts without engaging yourself in the recruitment process,
  • prefer to focus on marketing and management instead of extending the team on your own,
  • have core developers on board, but they need support from programmers oriented to a specific technology,
  • need talented people with particular skill sets (e.g., UX designers or project managers) to complement your project team.

Extend your team as you need

Staff augmentation with Droptica allows you to choose two cooperation models. Select the most suitable one.

-As part of the team extension service, you can choose a team of specialists along with a team leader

Dedicated team

Knowing your project needs, technology stack, and requirements regarding skills and experience, we can compose a team of specialists with a team leader from our company. They will join your team and work hand in hand with your experts to successfully deliver your project.

Staff augmentation allows you to expand your team with individual specialists, such as a designer.

Single professionals

Sometimes you may need only one or two professionals to support your team with their knowledge and experience in software development (e.g., Drupal, Symfony, or Laravel), DevOps (AWS services, website monitoring), design (UX, UI, product design). We have talented specialists who can quickly adapt to your business and project needs and become part of your team.

Choose our specialists for your extended team

Would you like to strengthen your team with new talent, skills, and experience? In our agency, you’ll find not only programmers. Staff augmentation includes different experts.

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Drupal developers

Our Drupal developers have experience in:

  • Drupal 7 to 10  migration,
  • Drupal development, support, and maintenance, 
  • Drupal commerce,
  • Drupal SEO,
  • modules and theme building.
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Frontend developers

The team of frontend experts is familiar with:

  • building functional and modern user interfaces,
  • different technologies:
    JavaScript, jQuery, ReactJS,
    Angular, VueJS, HTML, CSS,
    SCSS, Bootstrap 4, Twig, Next.js.
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Backend developers

We have specialists in:   

  • developing backend systems,
  • migration of legacy systems,
  • performance optimization,
  • different technologies:
    Drupal, PHP, Node.js,
    Symfony, and Laravel.
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Product designers

Our designers are experts in:

  • UX and UI design,
  • digital product design,
  • complex website redesign,
  • product design workshops, 
  • design system planning and creating. 
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Project managers

We work with project managers who have:

  • background in different technologies
    and methodologies (e.g., SCRUM), 
  • experience with agile project
    management tools (e.g., Jira),
  • high communication skills. 
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Our DevOps specialists have experience in: 

  • creating automated, replicable, and testable environments,
  • detection and fixing errors,
  • software quality improvement,
  • server management,
  • website monitoring.

Benefits of staff augmentation with Droptica

Droptica's software team extension services provide several benefits to help your project and organization grow.


You don't have to stand still when your needs change. The team's size and its members can be freely adjusted depending on the stage of the project.


We have over ten years of experience in software development with solutions such as Drupal, PHP, and Symfony, and we’re constantly growing.   


Depending on your requirements, we serve you with our development, support and maintenance, testing, design, and project management expertise. 

Varied skill set

We have on board various specialists with different talents. You can extend your team with developers, QA testers, product designers, PMs, and DevOps. 

Team as needed

Our agreements don't require HR processes or complicated paperwork, as we want you to get extra support as soon as possible to empower your project.


We use several tools to communicate online within the company, and we can translate it into your team. We work with Jira, Slack, video calls, etc. 

Our team extension process in a few steps

Are you interested in staff augmentation with specialists from Droptica? Here you can see how easy it is to extend your team. 


1. Analysing your requirements


2. Prescreening our specialist profiles


3. Showing you candidates to review


4. Scheduling interviews with specialists


5. Hiring decision to extend your team

Blog posts about development team extension

Learn more about staff augmentation, project management, and working with Droptica on our blog. 

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