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Symfony Development Agency

Symfony is the most popular and modern framework developed in PHP. It is perfect for creating large websites and web applications. Symfony is used by the most popular websites in the world.

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Symfony is the best PHP framework, with a very extensive and active community of developers. Symfony is used by many other popular systems such as Drupal, Mautic, Sylius and EzPublish.

We are Symfony experts and we help companies achieve success with Symfony.

Website traning realm

TrainingRealm - PWA with a Symfony backend

TrainingRealm team wanted us to build an application which would enable their users to log workouts. We chose Symfony for the backend of the system because of it's speed, extensibility and robust REST APIs. Since its launch, thousands of users created accounts on the platform. Training Realm app became a great success for the founders.

Droptica & Symfony

At Droptica, we chose Symfony because we love to deliver the highest quality. Our processes are automated, designed to support the development of solid solutions.

We create entire applications, as well as components supporting systems based on other technologies. Symfony is a very flexible tool that allows us to adjust it to your business requirements.

We know the Symfony ecosystem

As a framework, Symfony is well-liked by developers, which is why it is used as a base for creating more complex products. Symfony components are used in systems such as Drupal, EzPublish, OroCRM, Mautic or Sylius. At Droptica, we can help you with the development of all of them.

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Symfony web development

Let us help you build your next web-based system on Symfony. Working with us Droptica, you chose a team that has been developing PHP-based web solutions for over 10 years, loves working with Symfony and has a proven track record in delivering successful projects.

We will help you go through all the stages of building a website on Symfony  - product and graphic design, architecture planning, testing, performance optimisation, hosting and post-implementation support.

We help with existing Symfony systems

Do you have a Symfony-based system or website and need help?

A large part of our work is taking over and supporting websites developed by other companies. Companies come to us looking for a solid team that will develop their Symfony-based systems.

Symfony migration systems

Symfony is a revolutionary system that is perfectly suited for modernising your project. We will help you plan your migration. If your project is large and complex, we will do it in stages, transferring functionalities to the new system. You will be able to invest in development with the latest software, while parts of the system will be moved one after the other.


Symfony REST / GraphQL backend.

More and more often we offer users a modern, convenient interface that also communicates with a mobile application or other websites. Symfony serves as a backed serving the REST or GraphQl API that the frontend interface can communicate with. At Droptica, we have a lot of experience in creating Symfony-based backend services. We will help you design and implement a cohesive, well-documented API.


Symfony performance optimisation

Data structures that are too complex, incorrect configuration of the system or your server may cause Symfony’s performance to tank. If you are dealing with this issue, we have a solution – our team at Droptica, which specialises in speeding up Symfony-based websites. By using logs and tests, we discover performance problems in the tested systems, and then present a proposal on how to solve them.


Symfony code audit

Symfony has a great potential, which makes it a great system. Sometimes, however, it allows too much and the quality of code leaves much to be desired. If you aren’t certain, you can order a code audit carried out by our experts.

Code review is a standard process in our work, we do it in every project. We can also review the code in your system, point out the potential opportunities for improving quality, speeding it up or improving its security.


Super Mailer

Super fast email system for

Better Regulation needs to send huge quantities of personalised e-mails to users at certain times of the day. We have created a worker using Symfony components that accept the e-mail queue and sends the messages. Thanks to horizontal scaling capability, we can launch as many workers as required and deliver even hundreds of thousands of emails on time.

Our clients are happy to talk about us

Our clients are our partners, and we pursue their business goals together. Our work is more than just programming tasks – we also make every effort to understand our client’s business goals. We create the system architecture with the future in mind. We analyse and propose tasks that increase the client’s business results and recommend rejecting ideas that will not contribute to the improvement.

We want to contribute to the business success of our clients, which is why we are committed to developing their systems in the right direction.

The feedback of one of our clients confirms this:

We established cooperation with Droptica around two years ago to develop our online store available at Both the quality of all the works carried out, as well as our cooperation were stellar.

The technical solutions suggested and implemented by Droptica were a great help and often improved the value of our system, often exceeding our initial expectations. Cooperation with Droptica is characterised by very friendly, direct and precise communication on their part. Thanks to that, we were – and constantly are – able to define and detail all the tasks related to the development of our sales platform.

We also appreciate their very clear settlement system, which allows us to better plan and allocate funds for development. In other words, we definitely recommend working with Droptica.

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