Mautic Conference Global 2024 in a Nutshell. What to Expect at the Conference?

The rocket heading to the planet Mautic Conference Global 2024 is slowly filling up. More participants are boarding, and a set of speakers is already on board. The virtual flight will take off as early as July 10, carrying the crew to a two-day online conference centered around Mautic and marketing automation. We'll be there, too! That's why we're reviewing the event's agenda to find out what the event promises to be like. 

Growing a Small Digital Agency - Top 13 Agency Problems

According to an analysis I conducted on the LinkedIn platform, about 76% of all digital agencies have no more than 50 employees. This is a significant percentage. Such competition presents specific challenges these minor companies must face to stand out in the market. Based on years of experience working with agencies, I’ve compiled the most important problems that small agencies face. All of this is to better understand how to solve them.

How to Prepare for a New IT Project and Pitch the Idea to the Board or Investors?

When planning a new project, every small decision the board, investors, or stakeholders make has a significant impact on its future. Proper planning, verification of ideas, and defining the project scope are crucial to ensure the software addresses and solves business requirements. At Droptica, we help develop materials to facilitate communication with decision-makers. Here's how it works in practice.

Chaos in Web Development? Tools to Streamline Projects in Your Company

Well-chosen tools and processes in a web development company are one of the main factors affecting customer satisfaction. Without taking care of this aspect, projects are often delayed, quality is not maintained, and clients aren’t satisfied. See how, based on more than a decade of experience at Droptica, we’ve selected tools to help build web apps and websites. In this blog post, you’ll find a ready-made list of solutions to implement right away in your company.

Proof of Concept - How to Use it to Make the Software Project a Success?

The market for digital products is changing. It's getting harder and harder to break through with something new as a startup or build a system for internal use within an organization that is better than off-the-shelf SaaS solutions. The key to success is to be efficient in your planning to build an IT product. One indispensable practice during the idea phase of a project is Proof of Concept.

What Are 8 of The Best Tools for Online Brand Monitoring?

Mentions about your brand online can tell you a lot about your customers' opinions. You can find out how the clients talk about your services and products on social media and forums. There are many interesting tools on the market to monitor the company's online image. It's worth choosing the platform that best suits your needs. Here is a compilation of eight professional tools that you may find interesting.

Get Ready for DrupalCamp Poland 2024. Overview of the Event You Can't Miss

May is our favorite month. This is when all the magic happens… and DrupalCamp Poland! This year's edition of the largest conference on Drupal in our country takes place in Warsaw. Meet us during this one-day and one-night meetup on 18th May to share experiences, learn technology tips and tools, and develop your skills. Let’s go through the highlights of the event that you can’t miss. 

13 Intranet Features for Your Business and Employees

Having an intranet platform in a company translates into many benefits. It helps take care of employee engagement, expand their knowledge and skills, or develop organizational culture. It also allows you to constantly improve daily communication, especially among team members working remotely or distributed. What exactly can your system have? Below is a list of the most common and desired intranet features. 

What Are the 10 Must-Have CMS Features for Higher Education?

Higher education institutions require a robust content management system to organize their digital presence and engage diverse audiences (including students, faculty, and other organizations). In this article, we present a comprehensive look at the top ten must-have CMS features that will enable universities to easily manage their websites while providing an efficient, secure, and user-friendly digital experience for all audiences.

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