Color Scheme for the Website - How to Pick It for Your Web Page?

Color is a powerful design tool in web design. It not only emphasizes the aesthetic value of the project but also conveys information and defines the atmosphere. The right use of colors on a website can make it look professional. On the other hand, the wrong color choice may cause the web page not to be perceived seriously by the user or even make it difficult to perceive the whole thing properly. A color scheme will be helpful in choosing a color palette.

Drupal for Professional Publishing - Thunder CMS Overview

Nowadays, software has become crucial for the functioning of large publishers. It supports the process of creating, publishing and distributing content, and also allows monitoring and analyzing users and market data. In the following article, we would like to introduce you to one of the available tools that improve the process of creating a website and increase the quality of daily work on content. This solution is the Thunder distribution based on Drupal CMS.

CMS for Newspapers - What Features Should Such a System Have?

The attractiveness of online news magazines comes from the fact they give readers access to the latest information much faster than a traditional newspaper. To publish on the web and carry out a virtual editorial office, it’s necessary to have the right tools. Find out why it's worth investing in a CMS for newspapers and what distinguishes the best solutions of this type.

Frontend vs Backend – What's the Difference? Detailed Explanation

Both web development and the entire IT world base many activities on the division into frontend and backend. And although we can hear both terms very often, not everyone (especially people from outside the industry) is aware of how they differ and are characterized. To help you understand these issues, in this article, we'll discuss the frontend and backend, showing the main differences, as well as popular languages and frameworks that can be used to work on a website.

Clear Backend Definition and its Detailed Characteristics

The backend and frontend are two different parts of a website in charge of separate tasks. The frontend - user interface - is responsible for how the application looks and how the user interacts with it. The backend is part of the system that includes business logic, data processing, and communication with various systems. It’s therefore the basis of the application, which allows it to process information and send it to the frontend.

What is Customer-centric Design and What are its Rules and Benefits?

The customer may not always be well acquainted with technical issues involved in building websites, but they have something that is essential when creating a great website - an idea of their product in the best possible version. Customer-centric design is the approach of taking this knowledge and creating a website that is in line with the customer's needs. Find out what are the advantages of running a project in this way.

Code Quality - What is Good Code and Why It Is important for Your Company?

Many articles have been written about what characterizes good code, how to write good code, and why good code is… good from the programming side. We can easily find them online and on our blog. Today, however, we want to approach the impact of good (or bad) code on software from the business side. Why is it not worth saving money at the beginning of creating a new system and how bad code can generate huge costs in the future?

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