Composer in PHP

Managing libraries, their dependencies and versions is a problem that many technologies and programming languages have encountered in their history. The PHP world has also suffered from difficulties in managing and distributing libraries in the past. Check out how to deal with package management in a PHP application using the Composer dependency manager now.

9 Companies that Use React

Companies eagerly adapt to the technologies thanks to which they can shorten the time of entering the market with a new product. This is an extremely important argument in the context of business and expected profits. Check which famous brands use React.

Installation Profile - a Drupal Multisite Secret Weapon

Installation profiles are a really great feature in Drupal which allows for packaging functionality to be reused and deployed as part of installing a new website. They help a lot in reducing the time and cost of launching multiple similar ones. Are you planning to build or redesign your business website? If so, we encourage you to read the article.

Recruitment at Droptica

At Droptica, we want the newly recruited person to our team to be the best candidate and, at the same time, to feel great in the team. Familiarize yourself with our recruitment path, developed over the years, which combines both of the above elements.

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