Frontend Frameworks - List of Best Options for Web Development Projects

Just as tools were created to process materials and build shelters, today, developers are creating tools for themselves to work more efficiently. However, it grew to such an extent that jokes have started to be made among frontend developers about the next frameworks. Why are there so many of them? How are they different from JavaScript libraries? What are frameworks and why developers want to write their projects in them?

What Is Needed For Complex Website Development? Key Actions and Elements

In this article, we'll try to outline the general process of creating complex websites. We'll take into account both the development team’s and the business's perspectives. It's obvious, however, that the process of creating websites is, in a sense, a creative process. Therefore, it's worth keeping in mind that some needs and activities may differ depending on the project.

How to Deal with the Server Load Balancing of a Big Web Page?

Today's high traffic websites must handle hundreds of thousands or even millions of simultaneous requests from users or customers and return the correct elements on the web page. They have to do all of that quickly and reliably. For the servers handling a given website, it's a test of whether they'll properly handle the traffic at a given moment so that the end user has uninterrupted and comfortable access to the service.

What are the Best Engineering Websites? 6 Examples With an Interesting Design

In the case of engineering websites, a unique, well-thought-out design, interesting functionalities, and intuitive navigation are a must. Thanks to them, potential clients will immediately understand what you offer. Engineering services are quite a complicated field, so it's worth focusing on the clarity and simplicity of the message. Check out 6 interesting examples of websites of companies offering engineering services and find inspiration.

Streamlined Layout Builder. Overview of the Bootstrap Layout Builder Module

Layout Builder is a complex functionality that, as soon as it’s installed, may not suit every website. However, it can be customized to work appropriately for almost any website. Such a procedure may seem complicated and costly. Fortunately, there are modules available to extend the standard functionality. In this text, we’ll look at one of them - the Bootstrap Layout Builder which aims to adapt the Layout Builder to the specifics of Bootstrap.

7 Inspiring Examples of Website Design for a Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing companies are most often B2B companies. Their products end up in stores or are bought by other organizations. A website created for such a business should emphasize professionalism, brand experience, and the high quality of products. What elements shouldn't be missing, and how such a web page should look? In this article, you'll find 7 interesting examples of websites for manufacturing companies.

Our Tips on How to Estimate a Software Project Accurately and Effectively

Expanding your current websites isn't easy, but it's even more difficult to start a project from scratch. Every new project requires careful planning of its business and technical goals. As Benjamin Franklin said: “If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail.” The right plan may save you a lot of trouble further down the project timeline. From this article, you'll learn what you should pay attention to when estimating new software projects.

Examples of PHP Projects That Show Possibilities of This Language

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages, designed to create websites and web applications. Thanks to its popularity, it has great support from the community where developers are eager to describe the issues and provide ready-made code examples. With so many projects available, we can find a lot of knowledge sources or inspiration for our own projects.

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