Droptica Invests in Open Source

Droptica supports Open Source! The Droopler distribution, modules for Drupal, DrupalCamp Poland, DrupalDay – that is how we develop Open Source. See what our contribution to the development of open-source software looks like in detail. 

How to find and hire the best Drupal agency

There are almost a million websites built on Drupal. The websites built on Drupal are growing ever bigger. In fact, Drupal is the main CMS contender if you want to build a big website and don't want to use expensive proprietary platforms. Website generators, headless CMSes and Digital Experience Platforms architected by massive corporations, all are built on Drupal. Drupal, however, is a complex framework.

Drupal Agency Working Remotely

More and more software development companies (and not only those) start to move to a remote work setup. On one hand, it is the mark of current times, on the other - a result of recent global changes. The Covid19 pandemic is just a catalyst of the changes. It is also a test of how well the companies are prepared for the new situation.

Remote Work in Droptica - Learn How We Do It

Droptica had 2 offices from the first day of operations. Since the beginning, we organized work so that our team of Drupal experts can be effective from any location. Today especially this is clear that remote-first setup benefits us greatly. Let me show you how a typical day in Droptica looks like and what tools we use for remote work. The benefits and the risks Remote work is an incredible benefit and a time saver.

Working Remotely - How To Do It Right

In Droptica, we have been a company working remotely since the beginning. Some of our employees work in cities in which we do not have offices, some travelled the world while continuing their day to day job. All this while providing the best Drupal support and Drupal development services possible.  Remote work, however, is not as easy as just having a laptop at home.

Digital Customer - Who Is It?

With the proliferation of technology, wide access for fast internet and the changing shopping habits of customers, companies place more and more focus on the way they interact with customers on-line. The term “digital customer experience” is more and more often used. Companies no longer want to build corporate websites but look for a holistic approach and try to create digital experience platforms to the digital experience. In the middle of that is the digital customer.

5 Reasons To Outsource a Web Development Project

Paraphrasing the Bard's masterpiece, one might ask the question: “to outsource or not to outsource?” I have a suspicion – bordering on certainty, however – that you have repeatedly wondered whether the work on a project of creating a website for a client could be made easier with the help of a software development company.
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