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Sylius Development, Hosting and Support Services

Work with Sylius experts on your ecommerce project. Build or develop a fast, optimized and friendly online store to attract customers.

Sylius - state of art open source ecommerce system build on Symfony

Sylius is a modern e-commerce system build on Symfony (PHP). Because of its modern development practices, it allows teams to quickly develop custom e-commerce solutions tailored to business needs. It is very flexible and scalable allowing for enterprise-grade implementations but is also a great start for mid-sized e-commerce projects which intend to grow.

We're Sylius official partner


Major features of Sylius

Headless ready

Sylius is built as an API-first solution. Because of this, it can be easily used as a backend for a javascript e-commerce implementation - eg. a PWA or a mobile app. 

Super flexible

Because of the modern and well thought through architecture, it is very easy to customize every single part of Sylius. Build your own implementation of top of a great framework.


Sylius can be deployed on a single server but can also be deployed in the cloud on a multiserver, fault-tolerant, autoscaling architecture for great performance on a large project.


We are Sylius experts

In Droptica we have built and maintained multiple e-commerce. We advise companies on the implementation of Sylius as well as usage. We can help you set up and maintain a scalable Sylius online store and help your staff learn how to use Sylius to achieve your business objectives. 


Sylius development

We are an experienced team of PHP and Symfony developers with in-depth Sylius plugin creation experience. 

  • Building and launching e-commerce on Sylius
  • Integrating with payment gateways and other 3rd party systems and tools
  • Custom checkout flows
  • Advanced reporting

We can build Sylius plugins that ensure the upgradability and extensibility of your e-commerce automation platform.

Sylius managed hosting

We set up scalable reliable Sylius infrastructures in the cloud

We can help you set up your own Sylius environments or provide our own hosting solution for a hands-off experience.

  • Vendor selection
  • Environment setup
  • Backups and uptime monitoring

We can help with the whole lifecycle of the Sylius hosting project.


Sylius consulting

  • Not sure how to best start a Sylius project?
  • Got stuck during implementation?

Our consultants will be happy to help. From planning, through implementation, to launch and maintenance, we help companies achieve their goals with Sylius

Marketplace on Sylius (case study)

For one of our clients, we built a full-featured multi-vendor marketplace on Sylius. Thanks to the flexibility of the platform we were able to create introduce a checkout and cart functionality supporting sales of items from multiple vendors in one cart while maintaining separate shipping calculations for each vendor. The project also includes other multivendor functionalities.

Mom o'clock is an example of a marketplace that Droptica developers built using Sylius.
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