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Check out the talks given by our Droptica specialists at the DrupalCamp Poland conference. Watch recordings about Drupal, tools for developers, site migration or the sales process. Discover inspiring topics.

DrupalCamp Poland 2024

"Wprowadzenie do Drupala",
Piotr Kamieniecki, Senior Drupal Developer

What kind of Drupal website would Shrek like to build? Which modules should he choose to make his friend Donkey happy? Watch Piotr Kamieniecki's presentation to discover the answers to these questions and learn the basics of the Drupal CMS.

The session is in Polish.

"Drupal Recipes - podstawowe informacje oraz przykłady użycia",
Grzegorz Bartman, Co-founder

What are Drupal Recipes? Who will benefit most from this solution? How can you implement them in Drupal? Find out in Grzegorz Bartman's presentation. Discover the functionality that will be in the core of Drupal.

The session is in Polish.

"Nagłówki Twoją ostatnią linią obrony",
Leszek Kledzik, Technical Lead Developer

What's so fascinating about Content Security Policy (CSP) headers? How do they help protect your website from the consequences of a hacker attack? Watch Leszek Kledzik's session to learn how CSP headers work and how to use them.

The session is in Polish.

"Przyszłość po Drupalu 7. Przegląd alternatyw i nowych rozwiązań",
Maciej Łukiański, Co-founder 

What to do with the website on Drupal 7 after support for that version of the system ends? What are the options other than migrating to a higher version of Drupal? Discover practical strategies in Maciej Lukianski's presentation.

The session is in Polish.

"Selling in challenging times - how to enhance Drupal’s competitiveness in rapidly evolving market,"
Daiji Kimura, Sales Specialist

What are the challenges facing technology companies today? What sales strategies will work in these challenging times? Watch Daiji Kimura's presentation and get valuable tips on how to plan your sales process better.

The session is in English.

DrupalCamp Poland 2023

"Jak stworzyć dream team do projektu PHP?",
Grzegorz Pietrzak, Technical Lead Developer

What does the ideal team look like, according to Tech Lead? How do you build a team without hierarchies but with support for employee development? Find out in Grzegorz Pietrzak's presentation.

The session is in Polish.

"Power Rangers w zespole, czyli jak poprawić / usprawnić komunikację dzięki modelowi DISC",
Agata Charęza, Weronika Głogowska

What are the differences between the Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green Power Rangers? How do you work with different personality types? Watch the presentation.

The session is in Polish.

"Real time notyfikacje i prywatne wiadomości w Drupalu przy użyciu Mercure.Rocks",
Paweł Górski, Technical Lead Developer

What is Mercure and how does it work? How do I receive and send messages? What do you need to use it in Drupal? Get tips from Pawel Gorski.

The session is in Polish.

"Sales acumen for developers,"
Daiji Kimura, Sales Specialist

What is the value of developers knowing Sales? What are the processes involved in selling complex projects on Drupal? Find out in Daji Kimura's presentation.

The session is in English.

"Caching like a pro: best strategies for dealing with Drupal cache,"
Mariusz Andrzejewski, Technical Lead Developer

What do cache and pre-made pizza have in common? Why is it worth paying attention to cache? Discover the answers to these questions in Mariusz Andrzejewski's presentation.

The session is in English.

"AI-powered Code Development: the role of prompt engineering,"
Piotr Kamieniecki, Drupal Developer

How fast is artificial intelligence evolving? What are the benefits of using AI in coding? How does it work in practice? Check out Piotr Kamieniecki's session.

The session is in English.

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