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We have many years of experience in creating, expanding and changing modules for Drupal.

Our team:

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Will advise

which contrib modules to choose to achieve the established goals and how to design a module that performs functions that are not available in the contrib modules space.

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Will create

a secure module in accordance with the specifications.

The modules most often created by us are:

  • Drupal integrations with other systems.
  • Changes to the Drupal work mechanism or to a contrib module.
  • Integration with external systems (LDAP, Internet payments, e-commerce, e.g. Magento, forums, integration through REST/JSON, SOAP, XML-RPC).
  • Modules improving editorial work on large information sites.
  • Modules that create their own entities (dedicated data types).
  • Modules introducing advanced content access systems (e.g. according to employee's location, rank within the company, etc.).
  • To implement specific requirements of a particular system.
  • To migrate data from other systems to Drupal.
  • Reservation modules.
  • Extensions for e-commerce systems (Drupal Commerce module).
  • Modules that create their own types of fields.
  • Modules that migrate data one-time and cyclically (e.g. once a day).

Droptica creates dedicated modules for Drupal for years.

Currently, we create modules for drupal version 7 and 8. Our modules make our clients' sites and application do exactly what the client needs, not almost exactly what the client needs. "Almost" makes all the difference :)

drupal modules

Drupal is a powerful system.

Thanks to a large number of free modules, its capabilities are becoming even greater. However, there are business processes appearing that cannot be handled with free modules.


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