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Open Source

We spend a lot of our time developing and promoting Open Source solutions

We support Open Source because we believe that working together on open software benefits not only the developers but also the clients.

Thanks to the huge community centred around many open source projects, better and better applications are created. Thanks to this, customers can be provided with better software at lower implementation costs.

Look how we support Open Source development at Droptica:

Events that we organize


DrupalCamp Poland

DrupalCamp Poland Wrocław is a two-day conference, gathering annually over 100 people interested in the Drupal system. The conference programme has been arranged so as to provide every participant with what they really need – both the people making first steps in Drupal and the highly-experienced developers.

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Droptica DevTalks (earlier DrupalDay) are free online meetings where we share web development knowledge at different levels, show new and useful solutions, and give people interested in the IT world the opportunity to get to know each other.

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Open Source projects



Droopler is a Drupal distribution used to create modern and easy to operate corporate services. Droptica has been developing the system since December 2017. The system is constantly developed and used by hundreds of websites around the world.


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Drupal modules

Below is the list of Drupal modules that Droptica supports and develops:

Paragraph View Mode

The module allows repeated use of the same types of paragraphs with small visual changes (display mode), which eliminates the need to create a new paragraph every time when only a small change is needed.

Popup message

Once per session, the module displays a specific pop-up message to the user. It can be used, e.g. as a mandatory cookies notification or a call to action message for your website's clients.

Slack Logger

The module examines the website's status and sends notifications to the channel assigned to the project in the Slack application, allowing you to monitor threats to the website on an ongoing basis. It can be configured so that the notifications are sent based on the selected threat level.


The module automatically completes the node title based on <H1> to <H4> HTML tags found in the text, taking into account their hierarchy.


The module allows to temporarily block Google Analytics on the website. Thanks to this, you can thoroughly test the operation of your website, without worrying that the traffic generated by the tests will affect the GA statistics. After completing the tests, you can safely restore the GA operation without the need for tedious reconfiguration.

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