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React JS Development Services

Looking for React JS development company? Choose the experienced team and get a fast, modern, and interactive web page that will provide users with a smooth experience.

React JS Development Company

At Droptica, we’ve been using modern JavaScript frameworks and libraries since 2015. React JS, created and developed by Facebook, is our core technology. Why? It allows us to build seamless web applications and user interfaces while ensuring high performance. Check out what we can do for you.

Build your website with an expert team of React developers

Droptica has on board all-around React developers who successfully implemented and maintained multiple projects using this technology. Our case studies are clear proof of what we can achieve.

Tablein website preview

TableIn - a React JS for quick table booking

TableIn had a legacy backend system for managing restaurant table reservations. They wanted to build a robust, modern frontend solution for their customers. We suggested React and created several different apps for various audiences. TableIn can now leverage React to offer users a slick and modern interface.

TrainingRealm - slick PWA for custom workouts

TrainingRealm offers online trainings to its users. We were tasked with building a Progressive Web App that would allow users to get customized workout instructions. Since the start of the project, thousands of users have created accounts, and many have converted to paying customers.

Training Realm app receives an average 9.8 NPS score from its users.

Website traning realm

React services to meet your needs

Let our team bring you the best technological approach. We can add new features, boost website security and performance to help you achieve business goals. Get to know our React services.

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React web development

We build state-of-the-art and secure React applications based on your requirements to provide your users with a flawless experience.

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React support

Our team supports React apps built by other teams to keep your website safe and stable. We execute ongoing and ad-hoc requests.

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React hosting

We host your React JS application and its backend in the AWS cloud. This ensures your website is responsive by day or by night.

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React JS consulting

As your consultants, we brainstorm, review the project, and advise you on the best way forward to help you achieve your business goals.

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Migration to React JS

We migrate the architecture of your existing website into React JS components so you can enjoy a high-performance and updated web application.

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React JS UI/UX Development

Our UX designers create an interactive and rich user interface for your React application to engage current and new users with innovative features.

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Dedicated React Developers Team

Build a robust website quickly and securely with dedicated React developers from Droptica. Customize team size based on project scope and stage.

Why use React for web development?

Popular companies, such as Netflix, Uber, and Airbnb, selected React for their web applications, and it’s hardly surprising. This versatile JavaScript library stands out for its many good qualities.

Perfect for web applications

React JS allows developers to write declarative code. Due to that, it’s an excellent solution for creating landing pages and Single Page Applications (SPA).

Reactive user interfaces

React components enable building fast, interactive, and high-quality user interfaces that work well with various backends (e.g., Drupal, Node JS, Symfony, or Laravel).

Performance improvement

Using React JS based on the Virtual DOM mechanism (which optimizes operations on elements in the structure) improves website performance and saves computer resources.

SEO-friendly library

Thanks to server-side rendering and Virtual DOM concept, React JS speeds up the page loading time, securing good ranks in search engines (such as Google and Bing).

Reusable components

React uses JSX – a JavaScript extension – that allows us to dynamically create and reuse components on a website. As a result, we can update the application interface whenever we want.

Rich ecosystem

React has an extensive ecosystem where we can find a variety of libraries and tools for different cases, extending the functionality of this popular library to create more complex applications.

React JS - a great solution for diverse purposes

Choosing React JS, we can build beautiful, interactive, and fast interfaces for a variety of applications. What we can do for you?


Single Page Applications (SPA)


Progressive Web Applications (PWA)


Whole frontend interface


Landing pages


Complex online forms




Rating system for users


Online booking calendar


Articles search

React JS frontend with various backends

React is great for frontend, but it needs a backend. Fortunately, it works well with various technologies, even in a headless approach (when React is the only interface user sees while, for example, Drupal is solely in the backend). We can help you with every scenario.

React and Node.js

React and Node.js

React allows us to create fast applications, so it requires building an equally fast backend. That's exactly what Node.js is fantastic for. With the use of libraries like Gatsby.js or Next.js, this backend runtime environment lets us create server-side rendered React JS frontend applications, enhancing user experience and SEO.

React JS and Symfony or Laravel

React-based frontends need building fast backend applications. Symfony or Laravel (modern frameworks built on PHP, a robust scripting language) offer great tools to do that. Our team can handle both sites (the backend and the React frontend app) to provide you with a complex and highly-efficient solution.


React JS frontend and Drupal

React is one of our core technologies, but we started out as a Drupal company, so our expertise in building robust Drupal backends for React JS frontend is massive. We built headless Drupal backend applications for many clients, including those with the highest quality requirements (such as the Polish Football Association).

Our clients are happy to talk about us

We are super happy. Droptica delivered on their promise and we launched on schedule. They went an extra mile to combat obstacles on quite a few occasions. The app is live. Users are happy. We are thrilled!

TrainingRealm Team

Blog posts about React JS and frontend

Take a look at our articles with React experts’ guidance on frontend and website development.

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