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React development services

Hire the best react developers

Built web applications with React - one of the most popular and robust front-end frameworks used by many companies and startups.

At Droptica, we have been using modern javascript frameworks since 2015. React.js is our core technology. We have successfully implemented and maintain multiple projects built on React. By choosing us, you choose experience and expertise.

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TableIn - a React front-end for a legacy backend

TableIn had a legacy backend system for managing table reservations in restaurants. They wanted to build a robust, modern front-end solution for their clients. We proposed React and built several different apps for various audiences. TableIn can now leverage React to offer slick and modern interface to its users.

React services
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React development

We build state of art React-based applications for our clients

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React support

We support applications built by other teams. Ongoing and ad-hoc requests.

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React hosting

Host your React app along with the backend in the AWS cloud

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React consulting

Our consultants will review your project and advise on the best way forward

React with various backends

React is great for front-end, but it needs a backend. We can help you with both and in various technologies.

Node.js and Express.js designed by Droptica

React and Node.js

Node.js is a backend runtime environment. It is fantastic for building fast backends for frontend applications. With the use of libraries like Gatsby.js or Next.js it also allows companies to build server-side rendered frontend applications, enhancing user experience and SEO. We can build your next project on node.js using the most well know technologies like Express.js, Gatsby.js or Next.js.

React & PHP (Symfony or Laravel)

PHP is a robust scripting language. Modern frameworks built on it, like Symfony or Laravel, offer great tools for building fast backend applications for React-based front-ends. Our teams can handle both sites (the backend and the frontend app). Consult with us on your React app with a PHP backend.

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React and Drupal

We started out as a Drupal company and our expertise in building robust Drupal backends for React is massive. We built headless Drupal backend applications for many clients, including those with the highest quality requirements like the Polish Football Association.

Our clients are happy to talk about us

Our clients are our partners, and we pursue their business goals together. We do far more than just software development – we also plan long-term goals and the architecture of web apps, recommend good solutions and reject ideas that do not benefit the business.

We want our cooperation with our clients to last as long as possible, which is why we are committed to developing their systems in the right direction.

The feedback of one of our clients confirms this:

Droptica is an amazing company. I've worked with other specialists in the past... Nothing worked in terms of quality and value, but they hit the sweet pot. They provided good-quality code at a reasonable price point.

Website traning realm

TrainingRealm - javascript PWA with a Symfony backend

TrainingRealm offers online trainings for its users. We were tasked with building a Progressive Web App which will allow users to get tailored training instructions. Since the start of the project, thousands of users created accounts and many converted to paying customers.

Training Realm app receives an average 9.8 NPS score from its users.

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