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Droptica Drupal consultants architected and delivered the Drupal web platform which powers the main HERE.com website. 

Drupal is a vast ecosystem

Companies chose Drupal to achieve a lot fast. Drupal allows them to build cutting edge websites, web apps and systems using modern technologies while at the same time controlling the cost. Drupal, however, is a very wide ecosystem. Deciding on the right system architecture and modules is not always straightforward. Experienced consultants can help you navigate the Drupal technological landscape.

We are certified Drupal consultants

Many of our employees hold Drupal Certifications. We are proud to have several certified Drupal Grand Masters in our ranks! Working with us, you get advice from the best Drupal consulting team.

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Drupal consulting in project planning

If you are starting a new Drupal project, decisions made at the start  will impact it throughout its lifecycle.

  • System architecture
  • Workflow management
  • Project governance
  • Quality Assurance

All these aspects will have a lasting influence on the success of your undertaking. Partnering with a company, which has extensive experience in delivering Drupal projects, and can help launch the project on the right path. This is done by delivering tried and tested solutions and by removing uncertainty in planning.

Drupal consulting for existing websites

Do you have an existing website which requires maintenance or development? Perhaps you are looking for a second opinion?

Our Drupal consultants can evaluate your project, propose the best solutions and implement them. 


We offer:

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Project workflow evaluation

For Drupal projects just starting

and those in progress

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System architecture

We can architect a Drupal system

 to allow it to grow sustainably

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Performance optimisations

Of Drupal websites and applications

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Other expertise sharing

We help with Drupal in various ways

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Bossa succeeds with our Drupal consultants

Bossa.pl team wanted to make sure their project architecture will allow them to deliver on time and scale afterwards. We helped design and build the system which powers their websites.

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