Manufacturing Website Design & Development

Showcase your company's offer on a clear, modern, and fast website. We know what solutions work best for manufacturing and industrial web pages and ecommerce.

Using our knowledge, over ten years of experience, and proven technologies, we'll create a custom website that will show your complex products and services the best and help you stand out in the industrial sector. To achieve this goal, we’ll select the best features, like ecommerce product catalog or dealer locator, or create new ones from scratch.

Industrial and manufacturing website design

Offering complex industrial products or services, it’s easy to overload a website with text and graphical elements. We’ll plan your web page layout so that it will be clear, informational, and visually attractive. Depending on your company's needs, we can design product catalogs, filtered sales representative lists, photo and video galleries, sections for manuals, and product search, to name a few.

Product search on the website of Exide Technologies, a company manufacturing batteries

Development of manufacturers websites

An example of a responsive website made with Droopler, a free Drupal distribution

We'll start by gathering your requirements and planning the website architecture that will be solid and adaptable to the growing needs of your manufacturing business. During the development process, we’ll equip your web page with top-notch functionalities and security mechanisms, and perform all needed integrations, e.g., with CRM, ERP, and marketing automation tool. To help you drive conversions, we’ll make your website fast, responsive, and SEO-optimized.

Manufacturing web page redesign

We'll begin with auditing your website to assess its current state. We'll check which content elements work well and which should be replaced or deleted. Then we'll analyze the sources of web page traffic and the current SEO settings. With all this knowledge, we'll indicate areas for improvement and collect requirements from you for the new website. After planning the timeline, budget, team, and delivery, we'll start the redesign process.

The redesign process changes the website's look and feel as well as increases conversions

Ecommerce for a manufacturing company

We create ecommerce solutions with product catalogs, tags, filters, and search

The complex manufacturing offerings need a dedicated approach. We'll create product searches and catalogs with filters so that the user can easily browse your offer. To improve their experience even more, we'll add product comparison and product configuration functionalities, and various payment options. To let the users easily find your onsite shops, we'll implement the dealer locator functionality and filtered list of your sales representatives.

Product Information Management

Product Information Management (PIM) systems enable managing ecommerce product information and customer experiences. You can distribute data from one PIM software to all your marketing and sales channels to maintain consistency, high quality, and currency of your product information (e.g. manuals). The solution we implement allows gathering and managing product and customer data and media assets. It collects data from different programs and displays it on a single view.

Websites for manufacturers - case studies

Home page of the Exidegroup.com with a new design implemented by Droptica

Exide Group - batteries manufacturer

Exide Technologies is a leading battery manufacturer. The company offers its products for the automotive and industrial sectors. We were working with the Exide Group's existing website where we implemented a new design, made SEO improvements, added dealer search functionality, and migrated the country websites to the Exide platform.

The home page of Boplan which is a manufacturing company from Belgium

Boplan - shock-resistant barriers manufacturer

Boplan manufactures shock-resistant barriers for customers from all over the world. During our cooperation, we made changes to the website's layout and added functionality that displays different content depending on the user's location. We also conducted performance optimization of the website and integrated it with Mautic - a marketing automation tool.

Manufacturing website design & development on our blog

We share best practices for designing and developing effective and visually attractive websites for manufacturers.

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