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It is not enough for a website to work perfectly. It is also important that it is attractive due to its design.

On the blog, you will find articles with examples of websites and applications that can inspire you when looking for solutions for your own business. In our texts, we answer the questions like: why is it worth investing in a Design System, what can you gain from design workshops, how to prepare forms in e-commerce, how to improve the Intranet in terms of User Experience, and what is the purpose of a website prototype.

Nowadays, you can find examples of microinteractions on almost every website. They not only make the web page more attractive but also improve the user experience, making it easier for the visitor to receive content. What exactly are microinteractions, and where can they be used on a website? Find out more.

Do you already have a unique product or service and are now wondering how to present your offer to the audience? First impressions are significant when it comes to business websites. But don't forget that it's easy to cross the fine line between great design and a web page overloaded with unnecessary elements. See the technology website design examples that can inspire you.

Before starting work on a new website, it’s advisable, and indeed should be, to prepare a set of rules for its style. The developed guidelines will be a signpost not only for designers and programmers developing the web page but also for marketers or business partners of the brand. Want to create or refine a style guide for your website? Discover what to pay attention to.

You’ve probably come here because you’re planning or considering a website redesign. Do you want to improve its functionality or security, modernize its design, or increase conversions? The reason isn’t important. What is significant is how you conduct the redesign. The process can solve many problems, but if done poorly, it can not only give you a headache but also bring your business down. This guide will help you successfully redesign your web page.

Color is a powerful design tool in web design. It not only emphasizes the aesthetic value of the project but also conveys information and defines the atmosphere. The right use of colors on a website can make it look professional. On the other hand, the wrong color choice may cause the web page not to be perceived seriously by the user or even make it difficult to perceive the whole thing properly. A color scheme will be helpful in choosing a color palette.

The customer may not always be well acquainted with technical issues involved in building websites, but they have something that is essential when creating a great website - an idea of their product in the best possible version. Customer-centric design is the approach of taking this knowledge and creating a website that is in line with the customer's needs. Find out what are the advantages of running a project in this way.

Parallax is firmly established on the Internet, attracting more and more designers, and is one of the web design trends. The effect was first used in animations and video games such as Super Mario Bros. However, it was only in 2011 that it penetrated the Internet with the introduction of HTML5. Through minor manipulation of graphic elements, the parallax effect can bring a design to life and draw the user into the stories presented on a given website.

Behind the success of a digital product are many people handling design, analytics, programming, and testing. Today we'll take a closer look at one of the first steps in creating a digital product, which is UX and UI design. At this stage, the work mainly focuses on the client's business goals and ensuring that the product develops in line with current trends. What's the difference between User Interface and User Experience design?

Fintech websites include web pages of various companies, e.g. those developing new payment methods, providing investment and banking services, offering home budget management tools, and many others. A lot of these organizations rely on modern design to symbolize their innovation. We’ll present selected and interesting examples of websites.

To gain an advantage over the competition, it's necessary to provide the users of a banking website or application with convenient solutions and an offer tailored to their expectations. The first contact of a bank with its client often takes place on the web. Take a look at this compilation of the best bank websites before you start building your web page.

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