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Intranet helps to boost communication with employees and between them, increase their interest in the company's life, and improve the HR processes.

In this category, you’ll learn what are the key factors when planning a new Intranet system, how to improve it in terms of User Experience, and how to use the Drupal CMS functionalities.

Having an intranet platform in a company translates into many benefits. It helps take care of employee engagement, expand their knowledge and skills, or develop organizational culture. It also allows you to constantly improve daily communication, especially among team members working remotely or distributed. What exactly can your system have? Below is a list of the most common and desired intranet features. 

Is it your job to manage your company's internal communications? Is it up to you to discover new ways to build relationships with employees and engage them in the company’s life? We suggest what types of content to publish on your intranet portal to interest users and support their work. Check out our suggestions.

Not every company has a tool that's willingly used by its employees. Many organizations buy ready-made solutions for business and simply start using them. However, a newly-implemented intranet doesn't always turn out to be the right tool for a particular organization. The alternative is to create a personalized intranet software that will solve specific problems of your company and grow together with it.

Intranet system is a brilliant tool not only for the management but also for the Human Resources department to manage the documentation concerning employee issues. HR specialists have so much on their mind that keeping track of the administrative issues of each employee is a real challenge. It is possible to help them, however, because many activities are repetitive tasks that require proper documentation. You can use intranet automation for this.

The intranet provides comprehensive tools that enable the improvement of the HR department's activities, such as the flow of proposals, inquiries, or various types of applications from employees. How else can the intranet support the HR department? Detailed description below.

Internal communication systems containing only the information about what is happening in the company are often being forgotten by employees. If you want the intranet system to be regularly visited, you need to make it a place containing information that is relevant to everyone. Check out what you should integrate your intranet with, in order to make it an attractive place for people in your organisation.

There are many reasons for an organization to have an intranet. Such an internal system allows a company to streamline business processes, but most importantly, it makes it easier for teams to perform their daily tasks, systematizes employees' knowledge, provides a convenient way to communicate, and much more. Learn about 12 benefits of an intranet. 

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