Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 Migration Services

We’ll migrate your Drupal 7 website to ensure its continuous and smooth operation and security.

Why migrate from Drupal 7 to Drupal 10?

Drupal 7 end of life is scheduled for the 5th of January 2025. After this date, there will be no more official updates and security and development patches for this system. Then your Drupal 7 website will be vulnerable to hacker attacks, and you’ll have to do all fixes on your own.

As Drupal experts, we always recommend having the latest version of this CMS because it means a safer system and new functionalities. Drupal 10 introduced significant improvements like a more modern and accessible appearance of the backend and frontend and the new WYSIWYG editor - CKEditor 5. The latest Drupal version is also based on the newer version (than in Drupal 8 and 9) of the Symfony framework.

Our Drupal 7 to Drupal 10 migration process

After conducting dozens of Drupal migration projects, we defined the main steps for this process.


Drupal 7 analysis

We analyze your Drupal 7 application, focusing on the subpages and features you currently have. As a result, we present you with a complete list of them so you can decide which elements we migrate to your new Drupal 10 website. We also look at your web page theme and template and determine, together with you, whether they need any changes.

Drupal 10 website planning

When everything is settled, we plan target functionalities and the data structure in detail. Our goal is to prepare the architecture of the new solution that will align with the Drupal 10 possibilities.



Migration and development

Having the data structure plan ready, we implement this structure in Drupal 10 and then migrate your Drupal 7 application data. At the same time, we develop the rest of your Drupal 10 website (views, theme, features, business logic, integrations, etc.). And in the next step, we perform the Drupal SEO migration. During it, we move aliases, redirects, and sitemaps.


After the Drupal 7 migration, we test the operation of the new website and its features and check whether all data has been migrated correctly. Our following action is testing the web page performance, as the migration could impact it negatively. Then we check if the previous integrations with the systems work correctly. Finally, we do the SEO verification to see whether the aliases, tags, and other necessary elements remained the same.



Drupal 10 implementation

Once everything is tested and we have your approval, we'll end the Drupal 7 migration process by releasing the Drupal 10 website on the production server. At this stage, we also do your web page documentation update and train your team on using the latest version of Drupal.

Website maintenance

To have a secure and smoothly operating website, it’s necessary to perform regular Drupal updates and bug fixing. Over time, you may also need a new landing page or integration. We can carry out all these activities for you as part of our Drupal support services.


Watch the Droptica Webinar: The Future After Drupal 7

Watch the recorded webinar with Droptica's CEO, Maciej Lukianski, to learn possible ways to develop your Drupal 7 website after system support ends:

  • upgrading to newer versions of Drupal,
  • migration to other systems,
  • other methods adapted to the web page's needs and structure,
  • maintenance of Drupal 7 after end-of-life.

Why choose Droptica - a Drupal migration company?


Drupal experts

We have more than 20 Acquia-certified Drupal developers and over 10 years of experience developing Drupal solutions.


Dozens of migrations from Drupal 7

We’ve migrated many websites - of various complexity and sizes - to newer versions of Drupal (8, 9, and 10).


In-depth analysis of Drupal 7 website

We analyze your website’s features, operation style, and logic and find the best way to convey them in the Drupal 10 solution.


Minimal downtime

We carry out migration tasks during the night or when your website traffic is low to reduce disruptions in your web page operation to a minimum.


Individual approach to every project

Every application is different, so we adjust our Drupal 7 migration process to your website's complexity and project requirements.


Post-migration support and maintenance

We monitor your website operation to see if everything works as expected, conduct Drupal updates, and fix errors.

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