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We’re a product design and development agency. We don’t only create modern, intuitive, and attractive projects but also implement them in a given system. Our separate design team helps the customers form their ideas, creates prototypes, and designs websites and applications. Then, our developers effectively deploy the new design in your system. The same applies to the redesign project. Developers and product designers work hand in hand to comprehensively and smoothly guide you through this process.

Our Digital Product Design Services

Depending on your needs and project requirements, we can help you find ideas for a new product design, create it from scratch, or expand your concept. We’re also able to prepare a fresh design for an existing digital product (web page or application) or modify your current project.


UX design

User Experience means correctly guiding the users through the product and ensuring its usability. To do so, we start by analyzing your web page or web app, the analytical data related to it, and your target audience. Then we set the goals and functions the application is to achieve. After completing all data, we prepare mock-ups that aren't yet finished digital product designs but screens that show the layout and the planned features' look. After the usability tests, we present you with an intuitive, responsive design aligned with your end users' needs and behaviors.


UI design

UI is part of the project that the user sees and consists of the navigation appearance, icons, buttons, widgets, typography, etc. It can also include micro animations that are animated small graphical elements making your product more engaging and improving navigation within it. We keep the user interface aligned with your company branding. While designing UI for a website or web app, we focus not only on its attractive look but also ease of use. That’s why our UI and UX design works are usually closely related to each other.


Product design workshops

You don’t need to have a clear concept of your digital product. We can help you form and systematize your product design ideas during workshops. It’s a meeting of your company representatives and our specialists (designer, developer, project manager - depending on your project needs) that aims at gathering requirements and goals. It results in determining the general shape of your design project and its functionalities.


Design system

This set of rules, ready-made components, and tools is a great starting point for a new design project, refreshing an existing one, or adding a new landing page. We create a library of standardized and visually consistent elements that you can later use in different parts of your website. If you need new components, the designers and developers can easily create them following the rules included in the design system.


Web product design

We can make your idea for a new website, mobile or web app, or interface a reality. We’ll design a visually attractive application based on a well-prepared UX. Taking into consideration many factors, such as modern look and functions, the ability to work on different devices, and comfortable use, we provide a bespoke project that meets the planned goals. Our developers can then implement the new product design.


Website and web app redesign

We can improve existing websites both in terms of UI and UX design. Our experience allows us to identify problems and errors on web pages. We perform a complex audit that involves analyzing content, website traffic, data, and tools. We also help you gather needed features, sections, and functional requirements - e.g., related to accessibility and SEO. Then we start creating a new design for your application.

Digital product design - examples

We owe our level of expertise to the many projects we’ve carried out. We have the knowledge and skills needed to create digital product designs for companies from various industries and sectors. Regardless of whether it is the financial, food, lifestyle, or sports industry, we always provide the right solution within our product design service. For us, each project is a challenge and an opportunity to explore new layers of creativity.

Product design of the Training Real application consists of user-friendly and responsive elements

Training Realm - intuitive application for tracking workouts

An app with complex training programs and progress-monitoring options

We've thoroughly analyzed the fitness market to design and develop a solution that would provide the Training Realm creators with a competitive advantage. Considering the needs of the end users, we adjusted the application both to mobile devices and large screens. We also integrated the Training Realm solution with the FastSpring tool to enable payment collection in various currencies.

Droopler - elements-rich open source website builder

A handy tool for creating web pages from ready-to-use components

We've developed Droopler to let others easily create company websites, landing pages, or blogs without coding. We equipped this tool with many ready elements like banner, text block, form, gallery, and carousel. Taking advantage of them, the user can build a new website from scratch. There's also a possibility to use a default layout and adapt it to individual needs.

Droopler is a website builder that allows for creating web pages using ready elements

The mobile version of the WAM website focuses on the online bookstore customer experience

WAM - online bookstore focusing on customer experience

The mobile version of ecommerce store selling ebooks and audiobooks

We had been taking care of this website from both the technical and visual sides for several years. When designing and developing the mobile version, we focused on providing a smooth purchase process. For customer experience purposes, we also added the possibility of sending a product as a gift and integrated the bookstore with a new delivery method.

Our product design and development process

1. Design Kick-off

Identifying roles and responsibilities in the project and setting goals and deadlines.

2. Research & Discovery

Understanding your key business objectives, problems, application users, and data.

3. Concept & Validation

Formulating the product design concept and validating it by the potential users.

4. UX Design

Analyzing users' behaviors and app data and creating mockups with layout and features.

5. UI Design

Working on the application appearance - navigation, buttons, icons - and ease of use.

6. Testing & Validation

Performing usability tests and verifying new product design with the stakeholders and users.

7. Design System

Creating rules and ready components for future design works on your website.

8. Development Handover

Preparing mockup documentation and design system and passing it on to developers.

Why choose Droptica digital product design company?

We focus our work on providing software the use of which will be a pleasure. We build websites and applications which are intuitive and effective. Only solutions of this quality can meet various business goals. We provide our clients with digital products that hold a competitive advantage, already seen at the stage of their look and usability.


Communication-based relationship

We find communication with our customers to be of the utmost importance. We precisely define our client’s expectations and suggest optimal solutions. We discuss, advise and help based on our experience. We’re convinced that the best products are created with the close participation of the client, who takes part in the project at every stage.


Modern digital product design software

At Droptica, we create designs, build prototypes, and perform tests using the best and newest software. We take care of the product design process to progress smoothly and effectively. It’s very important because our projects have to look and work perfectly on different devices - a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet.


State-of-the-art web product design

We keep our finger on the pulse of an ever-changing design and technology world. The knowledge of modern trends gives us inspiration and allows us to create unique and effective digital products. Our projects are also compliant with the current design and development process standards and state of the art.


Reaching the business goals

When we develop our projects, we remember about the goals set by our clients. We make every effort for our design to be considered a tool suited for the execution of the key objectives set for the product. We also design with the end users in mind, considering their needs, behaviors, and problems.

Our clients are happy to talk about us

We are super happy. Droptica delivered on their promise, and we launched on schedule. They went the extra mile to combat obstacles on quite a few occasions. The app is live. Users are happy. We are thrilled! - Training Realm Team

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