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With our help, Bloomwell achieved spectacular success. New users register every day. - SAAS on Drupal

Bloomwell offers legal documents tailored to it's clients needs. It is a great example of a service sold for a recurring fee.

User can automatically generate tailored documents after answering a series of questions. The documents are stored in the app for a fee.

Bloomwell website

We migrated Bloomwell from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.

  • We were tasked with upgrading and rebuilding the previous version of the website. Working closely with the client we added many new features and functions.
  • was integrated to handle the payments.
  • All data has been migrated by using Migrate module.
  • The website is built with Drupal 7 platform using Drupal Commerce module.
  • To meet requirements, we build a custom recurring payment process.

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