Categories on the Zawsze Pomorze news website were done with the custom publishing CMS

CMS for news magazine Zawsze Pomorze

An implementation of Thunder - a Drupal Distribution for professional publishing

About Zawsze Pomorze is a regional news article website that focuses on matters important to citizens of the Pomerania region in Poland. It was set up by a team of journalists who felt there was a place for an additional information portal for the area. Apart from the online form, they also publish a printed weekly magazine.


The Zawsze Pomorze team approached us looking for online magazine software to run their portal. Although the team was new, the budget was limited, and the deadlines for starting were very narrow, the publishing CMS had to be professional and be extendible in the future. It also had to be resilient to high traffic spikes.

Besides the publishing features, Zawsze Pomorze needed professional ad campaign management tools and a reliable hosting solution. The latter was intended to allow fast scaling and great caching to withstand high traffic spikes when a popular article is published and gets traction in social media.

The home page of Zawsze Pomorze, which is a Polish news article website based on Drupal CMS

One of the categories on the Zawsze Pomorze - news portal from the Pomerania region


We proposed an implementation of CMS for a news magazine using Thunder - a Drupal distribution for professional publishing. Thunder is a refined Drupal CMS installation with multiple prebuilt features intended for the publishing industry.

We integrated Thunder with Revive Adserver for adding and displaying ads on the Zawsze Pomorze website and trained its team to use it. We also investigated the best hosting solutions and proposed cloud hosting with the autoscaling method hidden behind a CDN (content delivery network). Cloud hosting allows for automatic scaling when additional resources are needed, and CDN helps deliver content across the web world, offering blazingly fast browsing speed for users.


Using CMS for professional publishing - Thunder - allowed us to drastically cut implementation costs without compromising quality and functionalities. We were able to finish the project in a very short timeframe, delivering a full-featured publishing platform that could be immediately populated with content.

From the very start, it had all the features of a professional CMS for publishers, including version control, publishing workflow, and ad campaign management capabilities. is a successful news website. It is rapidly growing, gaining more and more traffic and visitors each month and regular readers.

The Zawsze Pomorze news magazine is divided into several thematic categories like sport

The Zawsze Pomorze news magazine live

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