Modern intranet system with elements of social media

Intranet build on Drupal.

Our aim was to enhance engagement of employees by adding new functionality and refreshing the look of the website.

At the start of the project, Dialog company was employing over 1000 employees scattered in various locations.
The company chose Drupal as a platform for the new intranet because they had already other sites based on it and were pleased with its scalability and flexibility.

Head page Dialogownia

One of the main challenges was to integrate the new intranet with already existing applications and systems like Active Directory, phone book, and personnel management system.

  • Before development, we created mock-ups of most of the screens. Based on these, designs were created.
  • As the first step of development we designed all data structures.
  • Data migration from the old intranet was a bit part of the process. We used the drupal migrate module to achieve the task. The client took the opportunity to clean and update data at the same time.
  • We added many new helpful features equipping the intranet with social functions enhancing the engagement of the users.

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