Droptica worked with Henry Schein to create a Drupal marketplace with pre-owned medical equipment.

B2B Marketplace Solution for Henry Schein

We’ve created a specialized Drupal marketplace that connects online dental professionals with trusted pre-owned medical equipment sellers.

About Henry Schein

Henry Schein provides valuable solutions to healthcare professionals around the world.

The company's services reach dental and medical practitioners. Powered by people and technologies, Henry Schein helps these specialists work more efficiently and deliver the highest quality care to their patients. This global distributor of medical supplies partners with various healthcare clinics and facilities.

Henry Schein planned to make it easier for dental offices and laboratories to access medical equipment offers. They’ve decided to create a convenient online platform connecting buyers with sellers for markets in different countries.

The client had a precise project scope and needed an experienced software development company to help them build a B2B marketplace solution from the ground up. That is when Droptica joined the project.

A B2B marketplace solution connects dental practitioners with pre-owned medical supplies sellers.


The commerce marketplace for used and pre-owned medical equipment needed to present a large number of listings. As such, the online platform had to: 

  • be user-friendly and convenient for potential customers to find what they are looking for and to contact the seller directly,
  • efficiently and securely manage a large amount of product information in the database,
  • enable quick and easy publishing and editing of offers on the website.
D2D Place presents medical products in several categories, such as dental chairs and microscopes.


To achieve the project's goals, we proposed to build a marketplace platform using Drupal 9. And how did we meet the challenges?

  • We developed a clear and friendly design for the website with easy navigation, working hand-in-hand with the client’s graphic designer. 
  • To ensure website performance, we suggested using two servers to handle site traffic - one for users browsing products and submitting requests and one for platform administrators.
  • We put a Drupal CMS in the hands of editors with separate user accounts to easily add products and review changes.


We’ve successfully implemented the Dentist to Dentist Place under the Henry Schein brand, which proves the safety and reliability of the solution. It’s a multi-seller platform that connects dental professionals. We've released websites for multiple markets in different languages that manage products from a single Drupal CMS. 

The Drupal marketplace is based on Drupal 9, but the project is still in development. We continue to work with the client on the platform, extending it with Drupal Commerce to provide editors with more ecommerce functionalities and easier data analysis.

The D2D Place website has a section with promoted products and advertisements for related equipment.
Marketplace on Drupal presents transparent product cards with photos, parameters, and details.

Examples of delivered Drupal marketplace features

This Drupal marketplace has a built-in search engine to find products by name, brand or description.

Product finder

The dental B2B marketplace solution has a built-in search engine for offers. Thanks to it, customers can easily find the product they’re interested in by name, brand, or description.

Related product sections

We've added a suggested offers section to the online platform. This makes it easy for customers to find similar products or see what medical equipment is currently on promotion.


This Drupal marketplace has a built-in section of promoted products with cheaper similar products.

Filter and sort offers

As befits a commerce marketplace, the online platform has the filters and sorting box necessary for customers to customize their view of products in line with their preferences. 


Contact form 

D2D Place connects buyers and sellers via a contact form. Users can write a message directly to one of Henry Schein’s entities selling equipment to determine the transaction details. 


Henry Schein’s opinion about the project

Droptica has been our partner for the entire project, and we're happy to have chosen them to support us on this initiative. Their expertise has proven crucial for the success we're seeing and for future improvements as well. They are well organized, fun to work with, responsive to our questions, and are able to challenge our requests to make the plans even better. I look forward to the next stages and to continue with the partnership with Droptica.

Fernando Dias,
Director, Henry Schein

Dentist to Dentist place - website live

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