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The main goal of this portal is to support students in international exchanges by providing them with thousands of discounts, starting with accommodation, through food and tickets for local events.

The portal is intended for owners of the ESN membership cards (Erasmus Student Network) issued by student organisation organising student exchanges. Currently, there are more than 160,000 ESN card holders in 40 countries and these numbers keep growing year after year.

The portal serves the purpose of managing and distributing discounts allowing users to search them in three levels:

  •  Local discounts i.e. only applicable to the ESN section to which the user belongs.
  •  National discounts i.e. applicable in the whole country in which user’s section is located.
  •  International discounts i.e. available for each owner of the ESN card.
ESN Website
ESN Website
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  • The customer needs a possibility of easily informing ESN cardholders of new offers and opportunities.
  • Integration of the ESNcard portal with a system for booking accommodation in Hostelling International hostels.
  • The possibility of gathering all the users from a given country/section in a single place.
  • The possibility of comfortably adding/using/editing dozens of vouchers and promo codes.


  • Designing a Simplenews newsletter system.
  • Synchronising registration of ESNcard uses with HI portal.
  • Export of user data to Excel file.
  • Providing an interface allowing for adding, editing and deleting vouchers and promo codes and, through a series of copy&paste actions, reading vouchers from .csv/.txt/.xls files or selection.
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  • The Customer has the possibility of editing newsletters, including selected offers and informing of blog entries and sending it to the customers.
  • During registration, users can simultaneously create their account in HI using the same access data as in
  • Administrator and managers now have the possibility of exporting all the user data (name, address or vouchers owned) to xls files with a single button in user panel. .
  • Simplification of manager’s work through fastening the voucher adding process.

The most important portal features

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on user’s part:

  • Simplified registration process thanks to the automatic completion of university addresses.
  • Validation of ESN card data thanks to comparison with cards available in the database.
  • Access to an advanced discount search with the possibility of category filtering (accommodation, restaurants etc.), country or city.
  • The possibility of opening discount details and easily reaching the location of the shop/bar thanks to a minimap.
  • Possibility (after adding ESN card to the account) to assign voucher to the account of displaying promo code via the discount page and then using it on the spot.
  • The possibility of easily finding other discounts available to the user thanks to the “Nearby discounts” feature.
  • A system of newsletters informing the user of new promotions and interesting entries on the related blog.
  • Easy access to discounts owned through use panel.
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on manager's part:

  • The possibility of creating discounts with varied coverage: local (available only in selected ESN section), national (available in selected country) and international (available for all the ESN card holders).
  • Provision of address data with the discount allows for displaying them on the map.
  • The possibility of filtering and searching discounts, adding vouchers and promo codes to them.
  • A series of tools for adding, deleting or updating the status of vouchers/promo codes - with copy/paste, upload a file with voucher list or a simple selection from the list.
  • The possibility of advanced voucher editing with establishing their expiry date or a maximum number of vouchers per card.
  • Easy creation of newsletters, blogs and banners.
  • The possibility of searching and displaying a list of users in a given section or having active cards.
  • The possibility of exporting user data with local, national or international range.

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