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of a company selling natural gas and electricity

EWE is a multi-energy company with over 20 years of experience in the energy market in Poland, which provides comprehensive energy solutions. The company specializes in the sale of natural gas and electricity, as well as in consulting on the optimization of their use. By cooperating with EWE, clients receive access to a range of additional services, such as heat and cogeneration, as well as energy consulting and purchase of surplus energy from photovoltaics. 

The quality of EWE services has already been appreciated by over 24,000 satisfied customers, business partners and market monitoring institutions. 

One of the key values in EWE is environmental protection, which is directly reflected in the products offered: the supply of ecological fuel (natural gas) and green electricity, which is 100% obtained from renewable sources.

Customer needs

EWE is our client with a support package, thanks to which:


  • is provided with our Drupal support service and the access to Drupal specialists without hiring them full-time
  • technical requests added by the client are usually taken on the same day
  • the client receives immediate information about the latest system updates - the system is always safe and up-to-date
  • the client and the team determine when the implementation can be carried out, which is important in the event of increased traffic on the website at specific times
  • response time to the highest priority bug reports is 6h

Site updates

Drupal is a system made up of a core and modules. New versions of them appear regularly. In order for a website using modules to function properly and safely in the long term, these modules should be systematically updated.

Our team tracks updates and informs the client immediately when they appear, asking for permission to execute. Thanks to this, the client's system is always up-to-date and the website is secured. We organize the upload of updates at any time in accordance with the client's expectations.

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Watching over security

After analyzing the security audit, we implemented a number of changes that allowed us to eliminate potential threats. In addition, we make sure that the technologies used, such as PHP versions, are constantly supported. If we discover any irregularities, we inform the client immediately.

PHP version upgrade

More versions are released for PHP. After some time, the earlier ones stop being supported, which is a direct threat to the security of the website. In addition, the lack of the latest version of PHP affects the speed of page loading, which has a real impact on positioning.

The process of upgrading the version is critical, because uploading a new version can severely disturb the operation of the production site. The implementation also requires close cooperation with the website administrator and very precise pre-implementation tests.

Our team of IT professionals successfully upgraded the PHP version from version 5.3 to version 7.x.

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Supporting marketing activities through changes to the website

In order to maintain sales and development, the marketing and business departments create new promotional campaigns. Often our activities consist building additional subpages, forms or even mini applications such as a mini-game on the occasion of holidays.

We advise on the selection of solutions

It often happens that a new functionality can be implemented in many ways. Our role is to learn more about the client's needs and advise on the best solution. Thanks to this, the newly created functionalities are open to new requirements.


Taking care of the uninterrupted operation of the website

Our task is to maintain the website in such a way as to avoid interruptions in the operation of the website. We respond to all reports with problems in functioning. Also, uploading new functionalities is preceded by tests and customer acceptance. An implementation deadline is set to minimize any restrictions for users.

Implementation of changes resulting from regulations

Due to changing legal regulations, our team must also respond to such needs. One example is the implementation of a cookie solution on the website. The visitor is informed that we collect such information, must consent and has the option to choose the type of cookies we may store.

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