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Multi-vendor marketplace on Sylius

We built a Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Mom O'clock turning it from a centrally managed dropshipping store into a fully-fledged marketplace where vendors can manage their orders by themselves.

What we did

We turned a drop-shipping store on Sylius into a multi-vendor marketplace

We were approached by Mom O'clock when they were looking for a reliable partner to help them turn their online store into a real marketplace. Mom O'clocks website was just recently launched and was already receiving first orders. The team wanted now to turn it into a fully functioning marketplace to let the vendors fulfill the orders by themselves without support of Mom O'clocks staff

1. We stabilized the website

When we joined the project Mom'Oclock was still a very young project with business owners who wanted to move forward but were bogged down with errors and performance issues.

  1. Our DevOps team analyzed the infrastructure, separated development and production environments, implemented monitoring and stabilized the system.
  2. Our Sylius Experts fixed multiple errors, enabling the website to work predictably, import product feeds and receive orders



2. We architected the multi-vendor marketplace

Based on the client requirements we architected the multi-vendor functionality which enabled them to turn the website into a marketplace. Each order is split into sub-orders accessible by particular vendors. This the system to:

  1. Calculate transport costs per vendor
  2. Do partial deliveries and partial returns
  3. Allow vendors to access only their part of the order

3. We implemented the marketplace

Our tech team built the multi-vendor solution according to the specification. Our QA team validated the deliverables, which were then staged for the client for testing. After the multi-vendor was approved as working, we launched it on the website. 


The result

Mom O'clock is a fully-featured marketplace. Each vendor has access to his orders, payments, shipping methods and costs are handled separately depending on vendor settings. Notifications about orders are sent to each vendor separately. Mom O'clock team can focus on building the business rather than managing orders.

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