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Training Realm

Training Realm – a SAAS web application

The Training Realm web application offers users the ability to log their workouts, create workout schedules and adjusts the difficulty of workout cycles to the user’s level. The Training Realm team asked us to develop an effective, competitive application for them, that will enable them to develop and will be the next step in their long journey in the fitness market.

Website trening realm
Website training realm
Website traning realm
Website traning realm

What have been done


Training application

Our task was to create an application that would enable Training Realm workout users to measure their progress and to develop even better than before.

Before we started the development process, we carried out an in-depth market analysis. Thanks to this, we have managed to develop an application which effectively competes in the hyper- competitive fitness application space.

Desktop and mobile application

70% of users visit the Training Realm training pages on their phone, so the application had to be designed with them in mind. However, we couldn’t just ignore other users, so we also created designs for large monitors.

Thousands of users train with our application every day, and they’ve shared a ton of very positive feedback.

Training realm application
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Training Realm was developed using Symfony and Angular. These technologies allow for quick iterations and development, allowing us to offer better and more customised adaptation to client requirements.

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We host the application on a specially designed AWS environment and our devOps team ensures its proper operations so that the users can work out without any problems at any time of day or night.

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Payments integration allows the company to collect payments in all the most popular currencies in the world.



Automatic workflow allows us to quickly iterate, thanks to which we regularly implement and introduce new functionalities.

Client’s opinion

We are supper happy. Droptica delivered on their promise and we launched on schedule. They went an extra mile to combat obstacles on quite a few ocasions. The app is live. Users are happy. We are thrilled! - TrainingRealm Team

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