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Droopler repository on GitHub

This is our main repository. All the development happens here.

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Droopler Skeleton for Composer

If you wish to use composer, use this repo as a starter kit.

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Droopler on drupal.org

We are also present as a project on the official Drupal website.

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Found a bug?

If you have any issues or questions, please post them in our issue queue on Drupal.org.


Composer (recommended)

Using Composer is the most convenient way to maintain Droopler. Type these commands to download the Droopler skeleton and its dependencies.

$ composer create-project droptica/droopler-project droopler
$ cd droopler
$ composer drupal-scaffold
$ composer install

Droopler is using Gulp stack to speed up development of new sites. To compile JS and SCSS assets, please install latest node.js and npm on your computer and in the root directory of your project run the following commands:

$ cd web/themes/custom/droopler_subtheme
$ npm install
$ npm install --global gulp-cli
$ gulp compile

For further information see https://github.com/droptica/droopler_project

Download a ready package 

You can download Droopler from the official drupal.org package