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How to install Droopler on Cyberfolks (

Cyberfolks (old name: is one of the most popular hosting service providers in Poland. Here you will find Droopler installation instructions for this hosting.


Step-1 Prepare server

First, configure the database and PHP. This stage is very important because without it the installation of Droopler will not be possible.

The requirements that must be met by the system on which we want to run Droopler can be found in the link below.

1. After logging in to the admin panel, we must first create a database. To this end, select create a new MySQL database


create database


2. Provide the necessary data to create the database and click create.


Create new mysql database


3. Then change the settings for PHP. You need to increase the amount of allocated memory for executed scripts. You will find it in section “PHP - ustawienia globalne”.


PHP settings


4. Go to the tab: PHP Options.


PHP options


5. Change the value for the memory_limit option to 512M.


PHP memory limit


Step - 2 Get droopler

Droopler package can be found at:

1. Download the latest Droopler as a zip package. Then go to “Manager plików”.


Download Droopler page


2. Open File Manager and navigate to the domains directory.


File manager


File manager domains section


3. Choose the domain directory under which we want to install Droopler.


Choose the domain directory


4. Upload downloaded to your computer, Droopler zip package to the chosen domain directory. In our example domain directory name is


File manager upload file


Upload Droopler package


5. After uploading the files, we must once again enter our domain directory and then unpack the Droopler package.


File manager unpack file


Unpack Droopler package


6. If you previously had a file in the public_html directory for the selected domain and you want to keep it, all you have to do is change the name of the directory, e.g. public_html_copy. If you do not need these files, just delete the directory. 


File manager rename directory


7. Change the name of the unpacked directory with the Droopler package to public_html. In our example, this will be the droopler-8.x-2.0-core directory.


Rename Droopler directory


Save directory name


Step -3 Install Droopler

After renaming the directory with Droopler files to public_html in the directory of the selected domain, you can start the installation after entering the domain name in the browser.