Creating a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section is a widely used way to get ahead of user questions. This element is put, under articles, on company websites, or on various forums. The popularity of this type of approach shows that it's a great way to present key issues briefly and easily.

Droopler is a Drupal installation profile that allows you to quickly launch a new website. The programming community, Droopler users, and Droptica specialists are constantly introducing improvements that open this tool to new possibilities. One of the newer improvements is the ability to create an online store based on the Commerce module in a much faster and simpler way than is the standard in Drupal.

Updating the software allows using the latest version, which includes bug fixes, new functionalities, and security patches. Downloading updates is important as it helps you fight technological debt. Falling behind with updates may lead to serious security flaws. Therefore, in this article, we'll show you how to properly update a website in Droopler.

Only 36.4% of web content is in all known languages except English. As much as 63.6% of all content is in English. If you want to open up to new audiences and until now, the texts on your website have been written in a language other than English, consider whether your website needs support for multilingualism. However, if you already create content in English and want to enter the French market, for example, a multi language website will also be helpful.

A blog is the part of a website where authors publish posts on a specific topic. It may be a separate part of a web page or actually cover the entire content of a particular site. Both private and corporate portals often have blogs. Due to their popularity, we've prepared a simple way to place your blog in Droopler, our Drupal distribution.

On our blog, you can find many posts introducing you to the world of Droopler, which show how to build a showcase website in a simple and transparent way. In this article, however, we'll deal with one of the most important things on this type of webpage: menu, footer, and favicon. They are like the three musketeers and neither of them should ever be taken lightly. Why?

Droopler is a versatile tool for building Drupal websites. In the following post, I’ll show you how to create a contact page on your company website. Our goal will be to make a site that looks like the one in the Droopler demo.

Creating a website is a very labour-consuming process. It requires quite a lot of time and resources. However, the people involved in building webpages and applications noticed that some elements repeat at times. In order not to reinvent the wheel, they began to isolate the repeating elements as components. In this text, I'll present how the components can be used based on the example of the Drupal distribution Droopler and the Bootstrap library.

Together with the contact page, the services page is one of the key parts of a website. It's also one of the basic elements of an effective business website. Presenting the scope of services is usually the main purpose of its existence. We'll show you step by step how to create a services page in Droopler - a Drupal distribution.

The homepage is the most important element of a website. The first impression of the user depends on it – whether they'll stay on the website, whether they'll be interested in the company's offer and the company itself. In just a few simple steps, we'll show you how to create a homepage that will help you keep your visitors' attention.