Abstract cover of the e-Book. Its title is "Best practices for software developmnt teams"

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“Best practices for software development teams” is a free e-book that summarizes over five years of Droptica’s experience in design, development and maintenance of websites and applications. Many of them complex and demanding. 

We are experts in building PHP, Drupal and Symfony websites, both big and small. However, the tips and tricks we share are universal and applicable to almost any software house, regardless of its profile. 

We hope that this e-book will help to clarify many myths and misconceptions about working with distributed teams or offshore agencies and encourage business owners to build a trust and use the services of said agencies. 

On 45 pages of this guide, we share our best practices regarding:

  • work with projects both new and already in development,
  • avoiding communication issues with the client,
  • work with remote teams or clients,
  • choosing the right software for the agency.
  • How to avoid pitfalls while handing over the project to another software house?
  • How to find the best software team?
  • How to make work with the distributed team or offshore customer comfortable and pleasant?
  • How to communicate with your customers effectively?
  • How to pick the best tools for a software house?