Abstract cover of the e-Book representing a chart with the rising trend. Its title is ”Increase your Google ranking. SEO for a Drupal website”.

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”Increase your Google ranking. SEO for a Drupal website” gathers the most essential pieces of advice regarding SEO you should have in mind when aiming for the top of search engine ranks. As a little bonus, we added a chart which should help you to conduct an SEO audit on your own.  
While we focus primarily on tools and modules especially useful to the owners of websites based on Drupal CMS, it should be enough to give you a good starting point even if you prefer another technology. 

We hope that this e-book will help you to understand better how search engines see your website and what to do to rank higher at the search results.

On more than 50 pages of this guide, we included:

  • SEO basics and strategies to help you perform better in search engines;
  • DO’s and DON’Ts with comprehensible examples;
  • List of tools and website elements crucial to rank high in search engines;
  • A case study of audit and implementation of improvements for a Drupal website.

+ Bonus: the SEO checklist with references to e-book to help you perform your own audit

    • How the search engines pick the content to show and how do they evaluate it?
    • How to make content attractive for both potential clients and search engine robots?
    • What are the most important parts of the website regarding SEO?
    • What are the best SEO tools for Drupal websites?
    • What SEO strategy pursue to be number one in search results?