The website of the Institute of Mathematics is an example of a complete website migration to Drupal.

Website migration from a dedicated CMS to Drupal

Our developers migrated the university website from a custom CMS to Drupal. Successfully moved all data, added new features, and adapted the entire web page to the client's graphic design.

About the Institute of Mathematics

The Institute of Mathematics at the University of Wroclaw is an academic department focused on the study and research of mathematics and computer science.

It offers a range of educational programs, including undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degrees, and conducts various research projects and seminars in the field of mathematics. The Institute also engages in outreach to promote a broader public interest in the science.

In the spirit of its activities, the Institute required a public-domain website for several purposes. It needed to be an online showcase for the institution, an information center, and a point of contact.

The client had a specific project scope. The main idea was to migrate the existing website to Drupal under the new layout. They were looking for experienced web developers specializing in Drupal to manage the entire process and extend the functionality. This is where Droptica stepped in.

The Institute's website has a news section with the latest information for students and faculty.


The Drupal platform aimed to offer a convenient publishing and comprehensive management option for the migrated website. In addition, the web page needed to integrate with the institute's graphic design.

The structure of the website required special attention, including:

  • transferring all essential data and some content,
  • creating a mega menu to replace the former vertical one with a slightly revised structure,
  • adjusting the repetitive layout of content on various subpages.
Our team has implemented a new mega menu on the website with a clear layout of links.


In response to the project objectives, we performed the website migration with data from a custom system to Drupal. What did we accomplish?

  • Our team at Droptica did the programming and adjusted the web page to the graphic design provided by the client.
  • We built a multi-level drop-down menu with a clear division into categories and subcategories. The result was an intuitive navigation.
  • To maintain consistency, we created typical "content types" pages composed of fixed elements according to a specific layout.
  • We also created pre-built components from which editors could freely create subpages or landing pages.


Our team developed a well-structured website using Drupal CMS and implemented a layout with an extensible design. The new server retained all the same capabilities as the previous web page. We also added Drupal features such as an intuitive browser and a complex menu.   

The website serves its purpose. It acts as an information center, and its easy navigation allows students and faculty to browse the news (organized by category, e.g., CareerStudentsSuccesses) and find the content they need. It also makes it easy to contact the Institute and presents its current initiatives and activities.  

Features we provided for the Institute of Mathematics website

This is the screen of the Seminars subpage with current information about seminars for students.

Events at the institute

The Events subpage lets users view current and archived information about events such as meetings, student competitions, festivals, and dissertation defense dates.

Collection of seminars

The Seminars section collects current seminars in the institution. Each subject is associated with the people involved, the topics, and the meeting dates. When the user clicks on a particular seminar, the details are displayed.

This screen shows the list of lecturers with their degrees, names, and contact information.

Lists of lecturers

Users can find the lecturer’s degree, name, office, and contact information on faculty lists. They can filter the data by degree or title.

Presentations of teachers

Lecturers have their showcases on the website. Their subpages contain course schedules, teaching files, publications, conferences, and research information.

The website migration to Drupal has resulted in a new and intuitive search engine tool for users.


A convenient browser allows visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for. After entering a keyword, matching results appear. The search can be limited to content or to users, for example, to find information about an educator.

Projects and grants

A complete spreadsheet listing grants and projects conducted by the university's faculty is available on the website. Users can find details such as title, contractor, and date of implementation.


The Institute is proud to share the achievements of its students and faculty. A great way to do this is through a subpage with the list of successes in chronological order. The information displayed is about the awards and scholarships given.

The client’s opinion about the project

Droptica performed very professionally.

Web Development Coordinator, University’s Math Institute – website live

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