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The oldest Catholic publishing house in Poland uses Drupal Commerce for their online sales!

Wydawnictwo WAM publishing house has its own in-house IT team, who built the foundations of their e-commerce system with Drupal; however, due to a large number of other workloads, the team had to look for outside help with Drupal coding. This way, Droptica was able to start working on developing wydawnictwowam.pl website.

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WAM website

What did we do?

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We started with a module allowing users to send purchased products as gifts, giving them the ability to put in the address of the intended recipient, as well as request decorative gift packaging. Thanks to this option, people who use the store to buy gifts do not have to worry about packaging it, which is a very useful and convenient option.

Another implemented module enabled pick-up at the collection point. “Pick-up at collection point” is a service offered by Poczta Polska. Droptica integrated Drupal Commerce with Poczta Polska’s API, allowing users who ordered WAM’s products to have them delivered to one of many collection points and pick them up whenever they find it convenient.

We also developed several small and large modules increasing the capabilities of the website.

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From the standpoint of marketing, building an e-mail database still remains crucial. Our client required extensive integration with newsletter system, so we developed a module integrating Drupal Commerce with Freshmail. The scope exceeded simply adding an e-mail address, as it also allows for sending product categories. Thanks to this, the marketing department is able to better target their newsletters and new product information.

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DevOps Team

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We also helped WAM with managing the development workflow. Thanks to the help of DevOps Team Droptica, the website currently uses the Git versioning system for file management. We also implemented a mechanism for automatic implementation of new changes to the production server and created a copy of the website in a testing environment. The entire process of building new versions and iterations in a testing environment, automatic testing and pushing changes to production is fully automated. Such an improvement allows for the more predictable implementation of all changes and updates on the production server.

We also visited our client in Krakow to conduct a training session on GIT, working with branches, git-flow, and pull requests, as well as demonstrated the implementation automation processes.

With each successive month, we continue to support Wydawnictwo WAM and develop their online store together.

Client’s opinion

We established cooperation with Droptica around two years ago to develop our online store available at http://www.wydawnictwowam.pl. Both the quality of all the works carried out, as well as our cooperation were stellar. The technical solutions suggested and implemented by Droptica were a great help and often improved the value of our system, often exceeding our initial expectations. Cooperation with Droptica is characterised by very friendly, direct and precise communication on their part. Thanks to that, we were – and constantly are – able to define and detail all the tasks related to the development of our sales platform. We also appreciate their very clear settlement system, which allows us to better plan and allocate funds for development. In other words, we definitely recommend working with Droptica.

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