Pimcore Development and Maintenance Services

Manage all your product information from various sources in one place - in the Pimcore platform. We'll smoothly implement it in your company and help you make the most of its possibilities.

What is PIM?

Product Information Management stands for the process of managing product information in all sales channels of a given company. The PIM systems collect and manage data from various sources in one place. You can upload new information and edit, or update the existing ones on a single platform, instead of adding and changing them individually in every distribution channel. By providing up-to-date product descriptions and assets and keeping them consistent across your sales channels, you enhance the customer experience.


PIM (Product Information Management) with Pimcore

Pimcore is one of the PIM systems that allows for product information and digital assets management. This open source platform centralizes any kind of your product data (e.g. technical specifications, sales, and marketing materials) and makes it easy to edit and send it to the product catalogs or inventories on your website or product pages in your ecommerce store.

Connecting with your systems is possible through the flexible Pimcore API. It also enables us to customize the functionalities of this software to meet your specific needs related to product information management.

Some of the PIM features you get with Pimcore are:

  • Data editing. You can enter a product, add descriptions, attributes (like price, category, and images), documentation, and translations.
  • Omnichannel publishing. The product information is automatically shared in the selected sales channels.
  • Workflows. Schemes and views that let you design and monitor business and editorial processes related to data.
  • Configurable dashboards. They can include information and statistics related to your data, e.g. on its completeness and quality.

Other Pimcore Development Services

Pimcore is an extensive digital platform that goes far beyond just simple product management. Besides advanced PIM features, it provides a host of functionalities that enrich data, help modify digital assets (like videos and graphics), gather customer-related information, and take care of the complete digital experience on your website.

After analyzing your project requirements, our certified Pimcore developers will choose the most relevant features to implement on your website or ecommerce store.

Master Data Management (MDM)

For advanced data needs, we can add the possibility of managing information regarding employees, customers, locations, and vendors, to name a few. The MDM features also include data validation and versioning which helps track changes.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

This part of the Pimcore software enables managing media assets like images, videos, and design documents. It lets you add keywords and meta tags for faster items search and apply effects to your videos or images.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

After implementing the CDP feature, Pimcore will source data on customers’ activities from your systems and display it in one place. This data can be automatically segmented into persona groups that you can then use for personalization and marketing automation.

Pimcore Development Company

We’ve been developing and maintaining Pimcore features that help our customers, e.g. store and manage their product data like technical specifications. Our vast experience and certified Pimcore developers enable us to carry out different complexity projects from the consulting phase through implementation to hosting and maintenance.

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Pimcore Consulting

We’ll take a deep dive into the needs of your project and company. We perform it through meetings and workshops with you and our relevant specialists - designers, developers, project managers, and DevOps engineers. In this way, we can examine your needs best, help you gather requirements for the future solution, choose the most appropriate Pimcore features and design the system architecture.

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Pimcore Implementation

Once the quality assurance team finishes testing the project, the developers and DevOps specialists will deploy it on the server. DevOps engineers are the ones that check if everything operates properly in the technical environment, fix some errors in that matter, and make the needed adjustments. They also test if the integration of Pimcore with other systems works as expected.

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Pimcore Maintenance and Support

After implementing a system, it's important to watch it over and introduce new functionalities as your business grows and industry trends change. We’ll monitor the operation and security of your Pimcore installation, perform all needed updates, and fix errors. Our project manager and developers will help you decide on new Pimcore features that enhance your system and simplify your work.

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Pimcore Hosting

For your Pimcore project, we’ll prepare a custom hosting solution that meets stability and security requirements. We’ll select the right vendor and set up the environment. Then we can take regular care of your hosting by dealing with backups and uptime monitoring. Already have a hosting environment? Let our DevOps specialists configure it to ensure the smooth operation of your Pimcore system.

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Pimcore Integration

Thanks to a flexible API, we can integrate Pimcore software with the systems you use like CMS, CRM, or ERP. It’s also common and beneficial to connect Pimcore with an e-commerce platform like Magento, Drupal Commerce, or WooCommerce. All the integrations mentioned here would be two-waythat means you’d be able to source product data from these systems and platforms and send it to them.

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Pimcore Training

Our certified Pimcore developers will provide you with a detailed tutorial on how to efficiently use this platform. Besides sharing basic knowledge about this tool, they will introduce you to all its handy features, including the ones which will be the most helpful to your business. Our programmers can train your sales, editorial, and development teams and share tricks related to their work.

Benefits of Pimcore

  • Easy data import from external sources.

  • Single database for all your product information.

  • Managing and publishing product data across all channels.

  • Customizable dashboards to track data completeness and quality.

  • Intuitive interface with drag-and-drop functionality.

  • Custom approval workflow for managing and publishing data.


Pimcore and Symfony

The Pimcore platform is based on Symfony - the most solid PHP framework. It is distinguished by bundles - elements that are separate from each other. In practice, it means that we can use bundles from one project or part of the system in another place. In this way, we significantly reduce the usage of time and money.

For over 10 years, we’ve been developing websites and applications based on Symfony and other technologies and systems using this framework, like Pimcore, Drupal, Mautic, and Sylius.


Pimcore implementation process at Droptica

1. Discovery phase

We learn about the client's business specifics and their idea for a future solution. Our goal here is to get to know how it should work and what functionalities it should necessarily have. We usually propose design workshops for this phase as we believe that a face-to-face conversation between our specialists (designer, developer, project manager) and the client is a great way to identify their needs and draft the project scope.

2. Agile development

Once we decide on the project workflow and the management method, we start our iterative development work. It usually consists of two-weeks sprints after which we show the results and ask the client for feedback. This way, they have a regular overview of the project's progress and a real impact on the development direction, and we can make adjustments on an ongoing basis. In this phase, we emphasize communication and continuous improvement.

3. Going live

When we fulfill the project scope, test the Pimcore solution, implement the adjustments, and have the client's approval, we release the software on the production server. Once everything is completed, we don't leave the client alone and offer support services - regular updates, security monitoring, and new features development. Right after going live, we also offer Pimcore training so that the client can easily get around their new tool.

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