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Clear Backend Definition and its Detailed Characteristics

The backend and frontend are two different parts of a website in charge of separate tasks. The frontend - user interface - is responsible for how the application looks and how the user interacts with it. The backend is part of the system that includes business logic, data processing, and communication with various systems. It’s therefore the basis of the application, which allows it to process information and send it to the frontend.

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Examples of PHP Projects That Show Possibilities of This Language

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages, designed to create websites and web applications. Thanks to its popularity, it has great support from the community where developers are eager to describe the issues and provide ready-made code examples. With so many projects available, we can find a lot of knowledge sources or inspiration for our own projects.

What are Acceptance Criteria in Software Development? Definition and Use Cases

In the process of creating a product, every person working on a given problem may have a slightly different approach to solving it. These don’t necessarily have to be big differences. It's enough to interpret the idea differently for the finished solution to not fully suit the product owner. Establishing clear and transparent acceptance criteria will help streamline your software development, as well as allow for the prevention of possible misunderstandings.

What Is Postman, What Is It Used for, and What are Its Functionalities?

In the world of application development, API is a great way to upload and retrieve the data we need. The mechanisms responsible for sharing data in an API can be either simple services providing information on currency exchange rates, or carry out more complicated processes, allowing for creating users or processing larger amounts of data. However, what if we want to test or check what result will be returned to us by a particular API?

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