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Why is it worth using PHP? Which PHP framework is the best: Drupal, Laravel, or Symfony?

In our articles, we describe and evaluate specific functionalities, analyze solutions in new PHP versions, and show the differences between the frameworks.

PHP is the most popular programming language, with the use of which over 82% of websites on the Internet are built, like Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, or Check how to join this group.

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages, designed to create websites and web applications. Thanks to its popularity, it has great support from the community where developers are eager to describe the issues and provide ready-made code examples. With so many projects available, we can find a lot of knowledge sources or inspiration for our own projects.

JetBrains PhpStorm is software that probably needs no introduction to anyone in the development community. It's one of the most popular solutions of this type available on the market. The IDE (Integrated Development Environment), already in its basic version, provides the necessary tools for efficient and effective work, and thanks to the extensive library of additional extensions, it can be made even more flexible and adapted to individual needs.

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of using labels in our daily work. A shortcut is a combination of a key or keys on the keyboard to execute a specific command that is intended to be done in several steps. When that combination of keys is done, for instance, if we want to copy the selected text faster, we can press Ctrl and C. Do you see? Using shortcuts saves us time and increases the possibilities of actions performed using the keyboard.

When writing code, it’s easy to make mistakes or errors. They can happen to anyone, at any stage of work. What to do if our code result doesn’t match our expectations or we aren’t sure what data are processed at particular steps? In such a situation, we can spend hours looking for a solution or use a debugger to make our work easier.

In the developer's work, it's important to write good-quality code efficiently. We may try to handle everything by ourselves or use the tools that facilitate and accelerate our work. There are many available solutions on the market, so we've decided to make the choice easier for you and suggest what to pay attention to when looking for this type of software, and which specific systems you should be interested in.

There are many programming languages. Developers can decide which one they want to learn and how. There are stationary and online courses available on the market. It's also possible to learn on your own using free materials – it all depends on individual preferences. Selecting the right language is extremely important. It’s worth choosing the one that is widely used and in high demand. As PHP development specialists, we'll be happy to tell you why it's worth learning this programming language.

Laravel is one of the open-source PHP frameworks built on Symfony. Access to ready-made components, a high level of security, and numerous tools aimed at improving application development – all this makes it used in projects for many industries. From this article, you can learn which projects Laravel is used for.

Laravel is known for its high intuitiveness and comfort of code-writing. Many things were designed by the Laravel creators to simplify the programmers' work with this framework. It’s the same when working with the database. The documentation will be a valuable source of information for you. However, in this text, I'll show you the aspects that aren’t included there. Thanks to them, your work with the database in Laravel will reach a higher level.

Laravel is an open source framework written in PHP. Programmers build many applications in it, including e-commerce platforms and booking applications. It may also turn out that your favourite forums were created using this technology. Read our article and learn more about the most important features of Laravel and the projects created in it.

Writing code according to the standards allows you to speed up the project creation. It's more easily extensible and more legible – thanks to this, new people on the project can more quickly deploy and provide optimal solutions. The PHP community is constantly striving to improve code quality. Tools to assist in writing the code that is compliant with the standards have been developed over the years. In this text I'll present one of them: PHP_CodeSniffer.

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