9 Companies that Use React

Faster time to enter the market, reusability of components, the richness of design, programming and debugging tools are just some of the reasons why well-known companies chose React to build or rebuild their web applications. Below, I present the list of brands using React and the reasons why it was chosen.


Let us start with a curious detail: Facebook is the place where the React.js library was created. Its author is Jordan Walke, a Facebook software engineer who developed a prototype called "FaxJS", and who was inspired by library components for PHP.

At this point, it should be noted that Facebook is not only a social platform but – above all – a technological company whose goal is to develop technology and share resources with its users. Thus, React turned out to be a way to involve more developers in relation to open source also.

When can you see the functionality for which React is responsible on Facebook? Especially when the key elements of a page load immediately when it is being updated. Thanks to this, you receive the updated information. This is reflected, for example, when the latest update, comment or like of a friend from Facebook appears – as you know, there is no need to reload the entire page. You can interact then, click "Like", "Share" buttons, etc. – and still get an immediate response from a webpage, without having to load a page.


Atlassian is a world-famous Australian brand that owns, among others, such products as: JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Trello, Hipchat. And almost all of them are being built using React.js.

Atlassian used key React functions to easily introduce changes on all devices: desktop, Internet and mobile ones.

Atlassian experts argue that there is an exciting future lying before React, both in terms of opportunities for developers, but also because of the growing interest in it.


Most people probably know this brand, but maybe not everyone knows that browsing, ordering and tracking orders is the result of using React.js.

Thanks to it, the restaurant dashboard was developed, which can be accessed via smartphones or tablets. The UberEats team decided that restaurants need a seamless way to communicate with both suppliers and consumers.

They wanted a solution that would meet various requirements, including:

  • placing a new order,
  • accepting an order,
  • arrival of a delivery man, 
  • execution of an order.

The most important, however, seems to be the fact that React has made it possible to improve the user experience of the web application, which you can see for yourself when using the application.


The absolute leader in its line of business. In 2015, Netflix used React to redesign its UI. The decision came from the need for improving:

  • launching speed, 
  • performance, 
  • modularity. 

Over the course of five years, the website has undergone numerous changes and updates, but React remains the main tool for creating its front-end.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can easily go through the authorisation and logging-in process, and the intuitive website design, as well as the convenient filtering, help to find what users are looking for. The application includes many features for content management: Ultra HD 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, Play Netflix.


Component reusability was also an argument for Airbnb's choice of React. The Airbnb developers have actively contributed to the development of the entire React ecosystem, which resulted in creating the React Sketch.app library. It is a library that aims to serve as a support bridge for cooperation between some design works and programming works. The React components are responsible for rendering documents in Sketch.


Starting in 2012, the developers at Dropbox began taking steps to improve the service. At that time, one of the problems was the fact that many engineers contributed to the codebase, but only a few were aware of what was actually going on within the website. In 2016, React was selected in order to start redesigning the library.

Have you noticed how quickly you can preview any document at Dropbox? When gathering file data, React analyses the number and size of pages, visualising a preview as the page is being scrolled down. The Dropbox team used a combination of React and other JS tools to ensure smooth operation across all browsers.


The company offers coding courses, including such languages as: Java, Python, SQL, C ++. It is a well-known educational platform.

React is an integral part of the library; it is one of the key scripts integrated with the Codecademy structure – the header, menu and navigation among them. Arguments for using React, pointed out by Codecademy, were its ease of use, SEO-friendliness, and flexibility.

In addition, it is great for front-end building and interfaces development with JavaScript. In addition, it should be emphasised that animations are also created using React, and it is worth noting that they will appear with minimal coding. The company really wanted the interface to remain as attractive as possible.


Moving on the topic of design, another example is a website – and more precisely a large internet search engine – enriched with information about flights around the world.

In 2019, Skyscanner decided to redesign so widely that the development team created an entire design system - Backpack. This is important enough to mention because this system is based on React components. The main goal of the developers was to create a coherent, clear interface for all users. The programmers wanted the UI/UX design and the brand appearance to be impeccable.


It is a software development organisation that offers SaaS solutions with features such as tracking, problem monitoring, help desk management and customer service. The company is committed to ensuring easy and effective communication with its clients.

Zendesk is the author of Garden – a system to assist with design. And it was in Garden that React components and tools were used to offer visualisation, localisation or navigation.


Companies eagerly adapt to the technologies thanks to which they can shorten the time of entering the market with a new product. This is an extremely important argument in the context of business and expected profits. The issue of technology stability is essential here, especially in a situation where other technological solutions appear and disappear.

As I mentioned in the introduction, React comes with a rich suite of design, development, and debugging tools. The React developer tools are available for some browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. With React, you can reduce wasted time, improve user experience, and provide better application performance.

As you can see in the examples above, React is one of the most popular and reliable front-end frameworks used by many companies. That is why at Droptica we put an emphasis on the React.js development services, and most importantly – we know how to use React.js with Drupal.

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