Droptica Birthday Photo

Drupal Agency Decoded - Reflections on the Occasion of Celebrating the 7th Birthday

We always reflect on last year when we celebrate our birthdays. They say that life begins after thirty, but seven seems to be just as magical threshold. Year after year Droptica is growing more, faster, more consciously, and confidently pursues its goal. What led us to be the best Drupal agency in Poland? What are our further plans?

A committed team of developers 

Setting a goal is, of course, a very good start. Is it enough, though, to succeed as a Drupal agency? Implementation of the intended ideas requires a lot of work, perseverance, but above all – involvement of the entire Drupal development team.

Creativity and commitment require openness and trust. And we have these in abundance! Droptica is a place where every idea is considered a value in itself. 

Solid team means a solid process

How to build a solid team of developers and achieve the company's goals? 

Maciej and Grzegorz speaking

Droptica is getting bigger and bigger 

If anyone still has doubts about whether Drupal is a good choice for creating a website, I encourage them to check the following data. Our growth means an increase in the demand for services of an experienced Drupal agency. See for yourself.

Droptica Growth

Drupal 8 Grand Masters certified team

Droptica itself has been around for seven years, but our experience in Drupal goes back much further. What can we say? The results of our work can be followed by observing the constantly growing Case Study tab. But that is not all. For some time, we have been gradually checking how our many years of experience compared to the official Drupal knowledge test. I mean the 'Acquia Certification Program', of course. How are we doing? There is no need for false modesty – I have to admit that we are doing pretty good, and even very good! We already have 13 certified developers, six of them being Drupal 8 Grand Masters. Surely, we will rest on our laurels! Our goal is constant development because we are not only an experienced but also a 'well-read' Drupal agency :)

Below I present the proud certified Droptica team. Bravo to us!

Drupal 8 Grand Masters

So much is behind us, and even more, still lies ahead. The right development team is the key to a project's success. 

Our development plans for this year

At Droptica, we are constantly developing, and thus – we are constantly recruiting. Maybe you are interested? Contact us! :) The details can be found here. We plan to hire even more web development specialists, in order to be able to undertake even larger and more ambitious projects.

In addition to PHP/Drupal specialists, we also plan to expand our JavaScript team (React mainly), which will allow us to provide diverse services.

The year 2019 was good. The year 2020 is going to be even better! :)