Get Ready for DrupalCamp Poland 2024. Overview of the Event You Can't Miss

May is our favorite month. This is when all the magic happens… and DrupalCamp Poland! This year's edition of the largest conference on Drupal in our country takes place in Warsaw. Meet us during this one-day and one-night meetup on 18th May to share experiences, learn technology tips and tools, and develop your skills. Let’s go through the highlights of the event that you can’t miss.

DrupalCamp Poland for the 13th time

DrupalCamp Poland is an annual gathering that has been bringing together Drupal enthusiasts and IT professionals for over twelve years. It’s a vibrant platform for participants to exchange knowledge and discuss the latest trends in Drupal, PHP, and technology overall, depending on submitted sessions.

With a mix of talks and space for casual conversations, the conference attracts speakers and attendees worldwide, making it a melting pot of ideas and innovations in the tech industry. Droptica has been a proud sponsor of this conference since its beginning. 

Participants of the DrupalCamp Poland 2023 conference held in Wroclaw in May 2023.

The attendees of DrupalCamp Poland 2023

Set in the heart of Warsaw, the conference promises an intense one-day schedule packed with insightful sessions in Polish or English. It's designed not only for Drupal developers but also for professionals interested in the broader IT field and newcomers. The topics range from web development to business and project management. Let’s see the highlights of a few selected sessions.

Sessions to get to know Drupal better

This year's event also aims to introduce Drupal to those who haven't had much to do with this technology before. Not surprisingly, the conference will open with a presentation in Polish, Wprowadzenie do Drupala. Piotr Kamieniecki, an experienced Drupal developer from Droptica, will outline the basics and reveal this system's strengths. 

We’ll get to know Drupal, too, from a different perspective during a presentation by Grzegorz Pietrzak, Senior Drupal Developer at the European Commission. In his talk in Polish, Czy Drupal jest popularnym CMS-em?, this long-time developer will answer whether Drupal is a popular system. The speaker will present the results of his analysis of how open-source systems are used on official city websites in different regions of the world.

Another side of Drupal will be presented by Artur Wójcik and Łukasz Drzóźdź, who will discuss in Polish the advantages and disadvantages of using Drupal as a multisite CMS. During their presentation, they will discuss the multisite solution as a method to reduce costs when building a portal for public administration. The session will show an example implemented for the Centrum e-Zdrowia.

Tools, Drupal modules, and tips for developers

Since IT practitioners attend the conference, the agenda couldn't miss lectures discussing specific tools or modules that streamline daily work.

Grzegorz Bartman, Co-CEO of Droptica, will present Drupal Recipes, which will soon become part of Drupal core, in his Polish presentation entitled Drupal Recipes - podstawowe informacje oraz przykłady użycia. The audience will receive general information and practical use cases of this functionality. 

Another example of a technical presentation is the Component Connector. Back to Drupal origins. Oleksi Haidabura, Software Architect at Skilld, will give a talk in English on the Component Connector module, showing developers how to easily integrate external components and layouts into the existing theme.

Leszek Kledzik, a Full Stack Developer at Droptica, will go beyond Drupal. His technical presentation in Polish, with the title Nagłówki Twoją ostatnią linią obrony, will focus on Content Security Policy headers. He will explain how they work, why to use them, and how they can help protect a website from attacks.

Drupal platforms not only for institutions

We’ll also learn about a solution directly from Brussels during the conference. Paweł Górski, Senior Drupal Developer at the European Commission, will present the OpenEuropa platform for building websites on Drupal. He’ll talk about available free tools and components used by the European Union and the European Commission, which can inspire the implementation of best practices in everyday work.

Another platform we'll explore at the event is Drupal LMS - an e-learning system. Marcin Grabias, Senior Drupal Engineer at Tag1 Consulting, in his presentation in Polish, Drupal LMS - nowoczesna i prosta platforma e-learningowa, will talk about the open source project under development and its main functionalities. In the presentation, the speaker will show how this platform can help solve the problems of high license fees and inflexible tools available on the market.

Effective collaboration and team management

How can we easily identify and avoid communication pitfalls in a team? Rafal Żebrowski, an experienced IT programmer, manager, and consultant, will answer this question in his Polish presentation. The speaker will share the three most essential principles of effective teamwork, based on twelve years of experience working in fifteen different teams, whose members not only completed tasks on time but, most importantly, felt a sense of fulfillment, self-realization, and connection with others.

Another question will be raised during Onyi Anyado's lecture. In his presentation, The Era of Creative Distinction: How To Become an Agile, Disruptive and Future Thinking Tech Leader™, this experienced global speaker will help tech leaders develop their leadership skills and share how to leverage AI to become value-driven disruptors. The lecturer will boost the session with proprietary methodologies and insights.

DrupalParty and networking opportunities

People play a significant role in events like DrupalCamp Poland. It's a chance to meet other technology enthusiasts, share knowledge, and simply talk about life. There will be opportunities to do so - over a cup of coffee during a break or over a beer at the after-party. That's right. The conference will culminate in an official DrupalParty on Saturday night. Details are coming soon!

Every year, during the DrupalCamp Poland conference, a social event is held for participants.

Official afterparty at DrupalCamp Poland 2023

Meet with us at DrupalCamp Poland 2024!

This year’s DrupalCamp 2024 offers a wide variety of sessions on technology, Drupal, PHP, and business skills for all levels. We've only covered a few here, so there are some more topics to explore. You’ll find the whole list in the conference agenda. 

If you haven't already saved your seat, there's still time. Tickets are available on Eventbrite, so buy yours and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to connect and learn.