Kwestia smaku website

Kwestia smaku

High traffic drupal

When thousands of users comment, create lists of favourite recipes and write private annotations to them, turning the website off for maintenance is not an option. Not the slightest mistake during deployment is allowed. - high traffic Drupal

Drupal is the right tool to build big websites with a lot of active users. is a great example.

Fantastic team of KwestiaSmaku asked us to help them in professional development of their website.

Kwestia smaku website
Kwestia smaku website

We are proud that we can work with such a great and successful client as

  • We carefully planned and implemented deployment processes which ensures that all the changes are thoroughly tested ant that implementation to live environment is safe and predictable
  • Since the beginning of our cooperation, we added a lot of new functions, increasing it's usefulness for the users. We helped achieve an even greater success.
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