Kwestia smaku website

Kwestia smaku

High traffic Drupal

We support one of the most high traffic website in Poland

When at each moment thousands of people rely on the website to cook their meals, maintenance mode is not an option. A careful, high-quality process has to be put in place to implement even the slightest changes.

Kwestia smaku website
Kwestia smaku website

What we did

Flexible search

Based on Apache Solr and the great SearchAPI modules, we created a flexible accurate search functionality tailored exactly to the needs of visitors. They can find recipes based on their input, ingredients or the type of dish they want to cook.

Kwestia Smaku search
Kwestia Smaku favourites

Favourite recipes

Logged in visitors can create lists of their favourite recipes using drag and drop. Favourite dinner recipes or cakes are then easy to access.

Private annotations

Users can add their own notes to recipes to make them even better or more suited for their taste. Thanks to this, Kwestia Smaku is a really great place not only for novice but also experienced cooks.

Kwestia Smaku notes
Drupal 8 services

Performance optimization

Our teams performed the in-depth analysis of Kwestia Smaku performance and implemented improvements which allow it to sustain even massive traffic at peak times like Easter and Christmas.

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