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Learn how your agency can deliver fantastic projects on Drupal, with our help.

If you run a digital agency and Drupal is not your core competency, choosing the right partner makes sense for you and your clients. Digital agencies choose us to help them deliver successful Drupal projects.

How we help

We work with you and your clients to help deliver Drupal projects. Thanks to our experience, you get multiple benefits.

Vast, proven experience

Most of our developers passed and received an Acquia Certified Drupal Developer certification. This helps you demonstrate to your client that the technical team is exceptionally well prepared to deliver their project.


We are delivering projects on Drupal for 10 years. We understand Drupal and the ecosystem and can advise on the best approach to solve particular problems and deliver functionality.


We are a proud member of the Drupal Association. Check out our profile page.


We support the community and the ecosystem by: Maintaining contrib modules and distributions speaking at events and sharing knowledge bot in Poland and abroad organising Drupal Camps, Drupal training days and other events

Team discussing project

Self-managing team

  • Working together and demonstrating the same development standards lead by a very experienced technical lead (architect).
  • Answering technical questions.
  • Defining, discussing, evaluating and estimating technical requirements and acceptance criteria.
  • Managing the team, including monitoring their work to ensure an even quality and timeliness.
  • Including Quality Assurance (testers) into the team, who will work seamlessly with the team, understanding Drupal and technical requirements.

Quick scaling

  • Working with us, you can get access to a team that would require months to assemble.
  • As the project continues, additional resources can be added and removed as needed without recruitment and training effort or any need to include an HR department.
  • When the project is finalised and delivered, it can move to a support phase with just a small team or even a retainer.
  • If you need to scale up again in a year for the “next phase”, it will be easy.
We can help you sell

We can be involved in the sales meetings with your prospective clients:

Discuss requirements and advise on solutions

Present possibilities
and estimate efforts

We can explain the technical situation on an existing project

Pre kick-off meetings

Our involvement is particularly helpful if:

Your client is more experienced in Drupal than your agency or...

you are taking over an
existing project or...

neither you nor the client has Drupal experience but Drupal is a good technological fit for this project.

Scoping & planning

We make sure that during scoping and planning the stage is being set for a successful project. We can take part in discovery workshops, serving as technical leads and architects.

We can advise on possibilities ensuring that even before the project starts, everyone is on the same page, what is agreed meets your clients' needs and is technically feasible on Drupal.


Our team will work with you to deliver the project.

We can take care of:

All technical requirements of the project including development servers, communication channels, ticketing systems, automation.

Project delivery and testing, working with you in a full Agile process, refining the backlog, agreeing on acceptance criteria, planning sprints, building, presenting demos to the client.

The Agile process. We work in SCRUM methodology. We can monitor the SCRUM process ensuring that all parties involved perform their roles correctly and that sprints deliver expected results keeping your client satisfied.


Once the project is delivered we can ensure its ongoing support by:


Delivering new features and their deployment to production.


Fixing bugs and issues as they arise.


Deploying Drupal security updates.


We have vast, proven experience in working with AWS.

Our involvement with various agencies

We work on various levels of partnership depth, depending on our clients' needs and preferences.

The below are examples of the possible scenarios:

Full technology partnership

We maintain all Drupal websites managed by the Digital Agency providing support and development. All new projects that require Drupal involve us from the very start up to final delivery and maintenance.

Project delivery

The client does not have technical expertise. We deliver a project working along the guidance of the client’s project manager. We take on the responsibility for the project delivery agreeing acceptance criteria and advising on the best solutions.

Team augmentation

We provide a team for a project to work alongside agencies developers lead and managed by the agency's staff.

Why Drupal projects stumble

Drupal is a great CMS, but lack of experienced staff and strong technical lead often leads projects astray. We find that Drupal projects usually stumble because of one of the following:

1. Drupal expertise

Insufficient understanding of Drupal capabilities, resulting in the creation of unreasonable expectations and specifications which are difficult to deliver. Drupal excels in a lot but not everything. An experienced Drupal architect present at the stage of requirements gathering can make all the difference, ensuring that what we set out to build is possible and realistic in projects timelines and budgets.

Droptica can help, by providing vast experience and advice during the creation of requirements and acceptance criteria.

2. Development standards

Uneven development standards. If you work following Drupal best practices, you get a lot of benefits. You can build extensible, versatile, future-proof projects quickly. This, however, requires a lot of experience. Acquiring technical debt, on the other hand, is really easy. If the whole team is not experienced and the code is not monitored, you can quickly get into an endless cycle of bugs and re-work. T he more complex the project is, the quicker delivery errors surface and the quicker the teams start to stumble.

We can help by providing the best practice approach, setting up correct development workflows, choosing solutions that are future proof and extensible and by delivery or oversight of delivery, including code reviews and testing. Many of our developers hold an Acquia Certified Drupal certification.

3. Integrations

Drupal is extremely flexible and the ecosystem of contributed modules is really large. This can, however, be overwhelming. Without a clear approach to delivering the particular project, it can quickly lead to:

a. the project turning to a mix of multiple approaches and modules which do not work well together, are unclear to the end user and require a massive amount of work to maintain and develop further;

b. choosing solutions that do not allow you to extend further without major refactoring which is expensive.

We can help, by architecting solutions, advising on best approaches, performing investigations and creating proof of concepts, followed by implementation or oversight of the implementation of chosen solutions. Down to the last line of code.

4. Drupal Project governance

Complex projects require a lot of communication to ensure everyone is on the same page. A methodology should be followed which ensures that:

a. expectations are managed and are clear to all parties;

b. progress vs a plan is tracked;

c. there is a quick feedback loop;

d. issues are quickly identified and addressed.

We are experienced proponents of agile methodologies. We can help you and your client set up a correct processes, which will ensure that expected results are delivered reliably and predictably.

5. Reduced resources risk

Rotation on the project - new developers come in, others leave. Without good onboarding, clear governance and quality control mechanisms this leads to developers working on a project they do not fully understand, varying development standards and quality decrease. With us, you mitigate this risk, because rotation in Droptica is really low, all of our developers have the same background and training.

We create workflows and processes which allow developers to onboard quickly and we maintain sufficient oversight to ensure that everyone meets best practices.

6. Quality control

Lack of quality control - last but not least. The project workflow should include a clear methodology for assuring quality. Manual tests and automated tests of new functionality and regression testing should be performed. In a complex project, lack of testing, even with the best of development teams, will lead to difficulties during user acceptance testing or deployment phase. This means immense client dissatisfaction and frustration with the results.

Quality control is important to us. We set up processes which allow for easy testing and verification of delivered results. Our QA teams are experienced in testing drupal manually and in creating automated test.

What can we do for you

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