Drupal Support and Maintenance Services

We’ll take care of your Drupal website or application so that you can focus on your business.

Drupal 9 certificate for developers from Acquia
Drupal 8 expert certificate from the Acquia company
Drupal Site Builder certificate from the Acquia company
Site Factory certificate from the Acquia company

Having over 50 Aquia certificates and a rich portfolio of projects, we are a proven partner for Drupal support and development. We’ll keep your website or application well functioning, up-to-date, and secure. Should you need some development improvements, you’ll also receive them within our Drupal support service.

How can we help you?

Bug fixing

We’ll help you with the issues related to CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Drupal, and others. When there are any errors or issues, we can react quickly. The developers can seamlessly switch from completing the current tasks to fixing bugs.


Drupal security updates

We regularly perform the updates of Drupal core and modules as the new versions usually include security patches and improved features. We know how to carry out even the most complex update so that it doesn’t interfere with your business.


Continuous development

Following your needs at a given moment, we can help you with your website or application development, up to 150 hours per month. It can involve, for example, adding a new integration or creating a new landing page.

Drupal support service - case study

A screen with a Drupal website of Exide Group that was refreshed by Droptica

Exide Technologies is a battery manufacturer for the industrial and automotive sectors. It deals with the design and development of advanced energy storage solutions.

Within the Drupal support service for the Exide Group, we removed legacy code, updated Drupal modules, implemented a new website design, and added SEO improvements.

How will we cooperate?


Take a look at our Drupal support subscriptions plans below, and select the one that fits your needs. If you don’t know which option is the best for your project, let us know, and we’ll help you evaluate it.


Once we set all the details and fill out the necessary documents, we move on to the onboarding. During this process, we review your website in terms of security, updates, and existing procedures. We also prepare the ground for work with your website.


We start the support service. Now you can create tasks for us in Jira. We analyze and estimate them. Then we move them to the Ready to start queue and execute them one after another.

Drupal maintenance and support cost - check out our subscription plans

Name Basic Starter Professional Enterprise
Price monthly  €99 Contact sales Contact sales Contact sales
Monthly included development hours 0 20 40 Custom
Additional development hour cost Contact sales Contact sales Contact sales Custom
Onboarding cost (one-off) €300 €300 €300 €300
Maximum number of sites supported 1 (next website €50/month) 1 (next website €50/month) 2 (next website €50/month) Custom
Uptime monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Security updates monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
1 click copy of the website on our servers for your tests Yes Yes Yes Yes
1 click deployment to live server Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maintenance of infrastructure required to fix, test and deploy Yes Yes Yes Yes
Readiness to react to P1 incidents 6h 6h 4h 1h
Support 24h (optional) No Yes Yes Yes

What is onboarding?

It’s the first phase of our Drupal support service when we:

  • conduct a security audit of your website and prepare our recommendations for improvements,
  • put your website under version control (if you haven’t used GIT before),
  • make a copy of your web page on our servers.

Within the last activity, we also create a separate development environment. This way, you have a demo copy of your website, and we have a place where we can stage any changes we introduce to it for you to test before adding them to production. Another crucial action we perform during the onboarding process is creating scripts to automate deploying new changes to the production server. This activity takes up to three days, but it helps to save a lot of time in the next stages of our work.

How does Drupal support service work?

You add your requests to Jira.


We build the queue of tasks to perform within our cooperation.


Tech leads analyze them and estimate the time to complete a given task. 


When the tasks are clarified and estimated, we place them in the Ready to start queue.


We try to group assignments for the same website into larger packages to reduce the time and cost of realization.


When a particular task is ready, we conduct internal tests.


We ask you to verify changes on the demo server.


After your approval, we perform deployment on the production server. 

The above process workflow applies to the regular tasks. When it comes to emergency issues, we carry them out immediately. If you'd like to have a bigger change on your website (like a new landing page), we need to know about it in advance to plan the team size accordingly. 

Do you want to build something bigger?

Benefits of our Drupal support services

Over 10 years of experience in working with Drupal


Dedicated support team that can be easily expanded


Over 50 passionate Drupal developers on board


24/7 automatic website monitoring system


Security updates monitoring, a quick reaction, and implementation of new updates


Clear and proven Drupal support and maintenance process


Large experience in supporting companies of various sizes and industries


Automation of programming and testing processes (Visualception, Codeception)


Strong focus on code quality (code review, pull requests)

Our clients are happy to talk about us

Droptica provides excellent communication and completes all tasks on time and within budget. The team is responsive, available, and eager to review and resolve issues.

CEO, Marketing Agency

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