Web Development Services for CTOs and CIOs

Join forces with us to boost your existing IT systems, choose the best technologies for your project and successfully execute it within time and budget.

How do we help CTOs and CIOs?

As a person responsible for IT systems and projects in your organization, you’re most likely busy ensuring their smooth operation and overall work progress. Dealing with software every day, we know how much time and effort it takes to improve existing systems, choose new ones, configure them, maintain, and further develop - all keeping the best standards and using the most solid technologies. That’s why we can take this load off your and your developers' shoulders by providing our services.


Software technologies consulting

Tell us about your needs, and we’ll advise you on the best technological solutions related to hosting, development, testing, and maintenance. Having years of expertise and using various tools in our work, we can easily find the ones that will match the requirements of your project best and implement them - in the next step of our cooperation.


New IT systems development 

Do you need complete IT software? We build complex systems from scratch in technologies like PHP, Drupal, Laravel, Symfony, React, Next.js, Drupal Commerce, and Sylius. Starting with architecture planning, we go through hosting selection, graphic design, development, integrations, and testing, and end with deployment and post-implementation support. 


Existing systems support and development

If you have an existing system in the technologies we deal with (e.g., Drupal, PHP, Symfony, Laravel), we can take care of it (monitoring, bug fixes) on a daily basis. After analyzing the current state of the software, we can improve its performance and develop new features or landing pages. If you aren’t satisfied with your current technology, we can migrate your solution to the different one.  


Software maintenance and security

Keeping a website or web application in good shape is a complex and time-consuming process. Our DevOps specialists can optimize and manage your hosting solution or help you migrate to the new provider. They can also administer your server infrastructure, monitor your applications and servers' operations and security, as well as build and maintain development and product environments.


Team extension

Do you lack specialists (developers, DevOps engineers, designers) or experts with specific skills (Drupal, Laravel, Symfony, Mautic)? If yes, we can provide you with a dedicated team of specialists from our company to work alongside your experts. We can also delegate one or two specialists to help your team with their knowledge. This way, you’ll avoid a long recruitment process.


Builds, tests, and deployment automation

We optimize and improve development processes using automation. Automatic tests (with Codeception and VisualCeption) let us check larger parts of the software, and automated builds (thanks to Jenkins) and 1-click deployment simplify integrating changes to the project. All these actions help us prevent manual errors, save time, and keep the processes smooth.   

System migration and custom software development for Better Regulation

A computer with a screenshot of BetterRegulation's system for finding and managing legal documents.

The BetterRegulation team contacted us about the need to move from the old to the new complex system for browsing and managing thousands of legal documents. 

We’ve migrated vast amounts of data, customized Drupal to the specific requirements, and developed scalable production and testing environment using the AWS infrastructure. We also added new features to the system, like advanced search, extensive email notifications, and user permissions.


Our web development work process

1. Initial analysis

We learn about your business and product needs, gather the most important features, and create a general scope of work. Then we prepare a more detailed product backlog and estimates.


2. Sprint 0

At this stage, we set the environment and all the needed tools. Together with you, we decide on the project workflow and management method and the order of implementing tasks from the backlog. 

3. Development

We usually do the iterative work, which lets us show you subsequent, smaller parts of the software. It gives you greater control over the project’s progress. For us, it means the regular improvement of the product and bug fixes.

4. Release

After completing the project's scope, we release the first version of the software. However, we also use the iterative approach at this stage and release more than one version.     

5. Project Support

When the new system runs smoothly, we want it to stay that way. That’s why we offer support and maintenance services, including system monitoring, implementation of security updates, bug fixes, and further development.

Our clients are happy to talk about us

Droptica's outputs have fostered positive results, earning the approval of editors and end users. Several websites and internal applications have been running on the CMS they have created. Customers can expect a helpful, supportive, and committed vendor team. - Adam Walewski, Product Owner, PZPN


Why cooperation with Droptica is the right choice for CTOs and CIOs?

As IT professionals, we understand the work and challenges of the CTOs, CIOs, and their teams. That’s why we can easily and quickly join the existing project or create top-notch software from scratch.

Certified Developers

Our knowledge and skills are confirmed by the Drupal, Laravel, and Pimcore certificates, as well as our partnership with Sylius.

10+ years experience

We’ve been developing software solutions for over 10 years and working with different industries and companies sizes. 

Complex website care

We offer a wide range of software development services - design workshops, web design and development, support, and maintenance.

Proven technologies

We’re up to date with the latest technologies. We use the ones we tried and tested to create web solutions.

Knowledge sharing

We share our knowledge at Drupal and PHP conferences and other tech events. We’ve contributed to several Drupal modules and created our own Drupal distribution.

Long-term client relationships

We pay great attention to maintaining good relations. That’s why most of our clients work with us for more than a year.

Technologies we use

Logo of the Drupal content management system
Logo of the PHP technology
Logo of Symfony - the PHP framework
Logo of Laravel - a PHP framework
Logo of Pimcore
Logo of Mautic - an open source marketing automation tool
Logo of Node.js
Logo of the Platform.sh solution
Logo of Sylius- the ecommerce technology
Logo of AWS - Amazon Web Services
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Logo of the React technology

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