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Drupal Training – Helping New Developers Learn the Ropes

At Droptica, we attach great importance to proper onboarding of new employees, particularly by getting them started with Drupal. We also want to give people who do not know the system a chance to get to know it in a structured and easy manner after they join our team. As a future developer working for Drupal agency, you will get an opportunity to take part in a structured training course with a specific scope.

Slack and its 8 superpowers - Increase the chance of success for your Drupal-based project

Slack is an indispensable instant messenger, and we simply cannot even imagine working without it on a daily basis. Here are eight reasons why you should use it while implementing your Drupal-based projects. 1. You can easily communicate with Droptica from anywhere in the world, using nearly any device By using Slack while working with our team, you can talk to us from anywhere in the world.

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