Maciej Lukianski


Maciej Lukianski

Droptica Co-Founder
Maciej is Dropitca's co-founder. He is a self-taught programmer who worked as a PHP developer for many years before moving to a management role. Maciej is also a speaker at conferences in Poland and wider Europe. Maciej's background in business and finance helps him understand the Client perspective and makes him a great Client partner and advocate in Droptica. In his free time he likes to ski or ride his mountain bike.

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Drupal Multisite - When, How and Why. The Ultimate Guide to Managing Multiple Drupal Websites

Drupal can be configured to serve multiple websites from one codebase. Such a Drupal installation is called a multisite. The ability to use one Drupal to run multiple websites is great, but on the other hand, requires some considerations. In this article, I will discuss Drupal multisite in detail to give you an in-depth, complete understanding of how multisite works, why it is used, when it makes sense and when to avoid it

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How Drupal Multisite Works under the Hood

A Drupal multisite is an installation which allows us to use one codebase to serve multiple websites. In this post I will explain in detail how Drupal multisite works, what approaches can be taken to set up a multisite installation. I will also explain some of the settings that may be important for a multisite which are not applicable when we build just one website on Drupal.

Top 12 Modules for Intranets on Drupal

Drupal is great for building intranets. It has many of the functionalities required by an intranet already built into its core. Apart from that, there are many contrib modules created by the community, which make building an intranet easier and allow companies to add fantastic functionality at a minimal cost. 

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